Saturday, March 11, 2017

What The Wind Blew In

It was really, really windy the other day.  I think that day was Thursday.  No, wait, it was Wednesday.  I remember now because Jack was outside cutting wood on his day off.  Anyway, the wind shook the pine trees and the noise was so irritating.  Don't you just hate the sound of the wind?  Maybe you don't,  but for some reason I do.  I always thought I could live near the ocean but it always seems so windy there that perhaps it's not the place to hang my hat after all.   This is what the pool looked like at the end of the day:
I'm thinking of taking it down anyway but I'll still go ahead and put it all back in hopes it will stay until I decide for sure what to do about it.   Besides blowing the pool cover to pieces, the wind also blew in a climate change.  It's been a weird, warm winter here.  Not a ton of snow, so I was surprised yesterday when I woke up and saw this:
The scene was lovely as all the trees had a thick coat of frosting and the ground had a couple of inches of the white stuff.  The roads were  fine and although I didn't see any daylight yesterday,  I did notice last night when I finally got home from work that the snow was almost all gone.
The grass was green again this morning and just a little snow dotted the creek side.  I know Spring is just a week away and my mind is all set for that change.  That's why I was surprised to see this out my window:

Ice sickles.  I didn't think it was that cold but it's only in the 20's.  My mind just wants to think it's in the 50's or 60's I guess!  Well, they do look pretty against the blue sky.  The only other "changes" in the air is the time.  Yep, it's that time again when we change the time...again.  Springing forward.  I don't really care if I have to get up an hour earlier.  I'm used to getting up at all different times of the morning for work and call.  So my complaint?  The same old thing...I now have to change the time on the clock in my car.  My car is 16yrs old.  We bought it brand new those many years ago and it's been a reliable friend that gets me where I need to be.  However, you would think, after all these years,  I would remember how to change the clock without going through the owner's manual.  I mean, I've only done it about 32 times!  I'm hoping I marked the page since Fall.  So don't forget to turn the clocks forward.  Don't forget that Monday will be here a bit quicker and the day will be lighter later.  And I hope what ever the wind blows in your way, it will be fabulous!


joeh said...

THose March snows don't hang around for long.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I have a riddle for you: What do your car and Shady Del Knight have in common?

ANSWER: They are both 16 years old and a reliable friend. :)

Goodness gracious, your weather has turned fickle. I knew it would. One day you're mowing the lawn and the next day shoveling snow. My friend in York, PA, told me a nor'easter is brewing. I thought I was looking at the pool lining in that picture. I thought the wind ripped it loose, but if it's only the cover then you shouldn't have too much of a problem putting it back in place. The grandkiddos will be splashing in that pool sooner than you think. Those are gorgeous pictures of the snow and icicles. I wonder if the Yeti uses them as toothpicks. :)

I hope you get enough sleep tonight. Mrs. S and I need to arise at 5 am tomorrow, so we're bound to look and feel like zombies all day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Oh my, that nasty wind did a job on your pool liner. One year when the kids were young, the wind tore our above ground pool too and damaged it beyond repair.

It was warm here too yesterday and the snow was melting but today it turned out bitterly cold. My pipes were frozen this afternoon at the barn and my helper decided to take the afternoon and tomorrow morning off.

I'm glad your snow is almost gone. Tomorrow is the first day of spring but I don't think it's ready yet.

Take care, it shouldn't be that long before we get real spring.

betty said...

Its not super windy by the ocean unless there is a storm, otherwise other than the roaring of the waves, its relatively quiet! I did hear a lot of people in your neck of the woods went from spring weather to winter overnight. But March snow doesn't last long, that's always a plus :) One advantage to living in the desert heat in Arizona is we don't change the time, which is a nice thing, especially on adjusting car clocks. I do remember one year when we were still in California it took a few weeks for hubby to get into my van to change the time. I just adjusted it accordingly in my head and surprisingly was never late :)

Our pool warmed up to 70 degrees, up 5 degrees from Wednesday. Of course our temps are high 80s :)


Rick Watson said...

The dogwoods were blooming in Mississippi but when we left it on Saturday, a cold rain was falling.
Here at home it is chilly-Willy this morning.

Kim said...

We had a horrible windy night last week too. I woke up suddenly and thought I heard a noise. Looked out and didn't see anything. But a few minutes later another large bang. When I took Abby out, the storm door had become unlatched and was banging against the side of the house.

Christina said...

I bet you have a lot more snow now after Stella came in! (hehe it's still funny that the storm's name was Stella.) That is so funny about your car clock. I like that it's darker later, but Sunday morning was ROUGH!!!! with the kids and church. We survived, though and are doing better. I hope you were able to get that clock changed without too much hassle!