Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Out And About

To say we're having an usual Winter would be an understatement.  I know we have about 6 weeks to go until Spring is officially here, but when the temps are in the upper 50's  and the sun is shining it's hard to not think it's arrived.  Yesterday was the perfect day to get Chubbs out for a nice walk away from the Pines.  Usually we head to the cemetery because it's a good place to walk but we did a little change of scenery.  We went to a spot called "Freer Field".   It's located near the hospital. It's the spot for the annual Balloon Fest held every Summer at the end of June and ties in with our July 4th festivities.  I'm not sure how many acres are involved but a paved path was put in that goes around the field and into a nearby woods.  Lots of dog walkers, bicycle riders and families take advantage of it's easy walking paths.
It's a nice big area and outside the woods it's open with no shade trees so it's not the best if  it's hot outside.  Atleast not for Chubbs anyway.  He's not fond of hot weather.  Planting trees here wouldn't work because of the hot air balloons.
Chubbs spends most of the walk sniffing every blade of grass and rock!
Coming into the woods makes the walk more interesting. You never know what you'll find.
Like a decorated tree?
If you get tired or just want to cop a squat there's benches all along the paths. All donated by folks in the community or civic groups.
Chubbs likes to go off the paved path to the many side trails.
Little foot bridges over the small creeks makes it easier to hike.
Back on the paved path and almost halfway done.
No snow? No problem...somebody found a way to build a snowman!

Out of the woods and on the home stretch. Chubbs is ready to head to the car.
Such a lovely afternoon.  If you look close you can see the moon up in the blue sky!
Chubbs like to ride shotgun so he was looking forward to getting back to the Pines. He knows a treat awaits him when we get there.  Thanks for coming along on our "out and about" afternoon!


gin said...

Love Chubbs picture in the car! That was a nice walk.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Neat header, dear friend!

Thanks for taking us along with you and Chubbsie as you explored a field and wooded trail that was not of the Creepy variety like the woods adjacent to your property. I'll bet Chubbs appreciated all the new and different smells along the way. I wonder what he thought of the tree with a face on it and the wooden snowman. My dad often hiked the Susquehanna Trail and, after my mother died, he "sponsored" a bench along it as a memorial tribute to her. On the bench is a plaque bearing their names. It really is an unusual sight to see a snowless landscape in Ohio in early February. I predict that mother nature has a few surprises up her sleeve and that it will be a long hard March to spring.

Thanks again for showing us where you and your bow-wow spent the day yesterday. Have a fine Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

Looked like a fun walk!! It is good that the weather has been relatively mild and if it should shift and go back to "typical" at least you had a touch or two of spring to get you through the rest of the winter :)


Laurie said...

We've been having a warm winter. It was in the 70's here yesterday and will reach 70 again today. I'm just not ready for it, yet. Because I know that once warm weather gets here, it will quickly turn into heat and humidity. :( Looks like you and Chubbs found a great place for a walk. Looks peaceful.

Stacy Crawford said...

I had a student tell me if you go there at dusk you can see a bunch of owls. I haven't tried it yet at that time, but would like to.