Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don't Blink

In Ohio if you blink the weather will change immediately.  If you read my previous post you know we had a lovely, warm, springlike day on Monday.  Tuesday was also warm but raining.  I was on call and when I got called in around 4am on Wednesday it was still warm...about 46de.   When I got home from work 12hrs later the temps had dropped and the snow was flying.  I had only put on a light rain coat early in the morning not realizing we were in for a bit of a change. Blink, Blink!
It started out slow...just a dusting.  With the chilly temps and damp air I felt like making some homemade soup so I made some potato cheese soup for dinner. (Wednesday has always been soup and sandwich night here at the Pines!)
I looked out the window as I was cooking and could see the weather was getting crazier.

We ended up with about 3-4inches of the white stuff and driving into work this morning had it's challenges.  The streets hadn't been touched by the plows.  But we're used to this kind of weather this time of year.  Never the less, I might just do some blinking and see if a warm front will move in!


joeh said...

We went from 63 degrees to 6 inches of snow in NJ.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

If the groundhog ever calls in sick, I could fill in for him because I called this! :) I told you that mother nature had a trick or two up her sleeve. I'm sorry you got caught wearing a light raincoat in freezing temperatures. The blanket of snow across your property is a pretty sight from where I sit (in 80 degree Florida). I enjoy your snow pictures as much as the ones of the colorful fall leaves because I don't see those things in person anymore. That soup looks yummy and I'll bet it had Chubbs licking his chops.

Thanks for showing us the fickle weather up you way, YaYa. If you must drive or walk in that stuff please be careful. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend!

betty said...

That soup looks delicious! I like your Wednesday night tradition!

When we lived in Montana our first year there, the day before my son's birthday (his birthday is March 4th) was a balmy, warm day. The next day, 10 inches of snow. The following year his birthday was galmy, but the day after was 10 inches of snow, LOL. You learn to go with the flow if you live in a climate of unpredictable temperatures.

I won't say it was close to 80 degrees here today. oops....


acorn hollow said...

Sunday is soup and sandwich night at our house. we are getting more snow this morning after a big storm yesterday and they are predicating snow sat and sunday.

Julia said...

The weather has been crazy here too. One day it very warm and the next it's very cold. We had so many snow storms this winter, i lost count. Those who pay for having their drive way plowed are counting, I'm sure.

This morning I had to wade in the snow almost up to the top of my barn boots in some places. There were big snow drift across the street. The plow still hasn't gone by and it's 8:30 am. A good soup day and I won't have to make any since I made a big pot of spicy squash soup. Yummy.

Stay warm and safe.

Julia said...

Oops, the plow just came by at 8:35, haha.

John Edwards said...

I make a lot pof home-made soups but I've never made one with cheese in. Sounds fascinating. Can I have the recipe please!

Munir said...

Just stay safe please. Here in New York, we got our share. Thirteen inches when the forecast was six to ten inches. LOL

I am chicken. Had a very bad experience while coming home from work in a blizzard a couple of years ago. So I have become extremely careful now.

Kim said...

Keep blinking, maybe it will work


Soup is my favorite winter meal. Fall and spring too. Summer is about the only time I put the soup pot away. I have elderly neighbors and share with them. I've learned it's impossible to make a small pot of soup. Old habits die hard here at my condo.
And I plan on blinking a lot this week to see if I can't bring back warmer temps. I don't mind winter but I'm tired of dark dreary days. So ready for warm temps, green grass and beautiful birds and flowers. Here's to an early spring.
Hugs, Barb
It's been a tough winter and I've not been around to blog much. Have to get back into the groove.