Friday, February 3, 2017

Hello Shorty

Hello February, you short month.  This Winter is a bit of a replay of last year.  Mild temps off and on and not a ton of snow.  I know I might have just jinxed myself by writing this since yesterday we had the first sunny day in weeks just so the stupid groundhog would actually see a shadow and predict 6 more weeks of Winter.
Wow, blue skies.  All day when anyone would pass a window at work they would comment on how sunny it was.  Dr. M. even said "Hey, it looks like Summer outside".  Really? It was only about 25de and maybe he didn't notice the leafless trees.  But we'll take any excuse to pretend it's time for flip flops  It's been a busy, sort of, week.  I finally retrieved the antique highchair from the senior citizen's center where we had the seat recaned.
  It needs a bit of work, like getting the water stain off the tray.  This chair was at my in-law's and it ended up here after they passed away.  It's been sitting in the basement for the last 15yrs.  My kiddos sat on it when they were little.  The seat wasn't in the best of shape then but by the time we got it the whole thing was blown out.  I've known for a long time that the senior citizen's center did canning but we kept forgetting to take it over.  Then in December we finally did it and then I kept forgetting to go get it! Ahhh!  Well, it's back and they did a wonderful job of making it usable again.  Unfortunately, I believe my kids are done having babies and perhaps it's time to get rid of it.  That is if I can remember to sell it!  Today I had a low census day off...sort of.  I had a case at 6:45am and because I was on call I went in.  So no sleeping late but I did leave afterwards and spent most of my day cleaning the computer room.
It was amazing how much stuff can pile up in a tiny room! It's in much better shape and I found a few gems along the way.  Some DVD's I was missing and even an old Boy Scout Camp DVD with lots of old photos from about 8yrs ago.  Jack enjoyed looking at those.  Makes you feel good to get rid of old papers and "stuff" doesn't it?  I  have 2 items that I keep on top of my desk.  One is super tiny but it always makes me smile to look at it.  My Granddaughter, Sophia, gave it to me on our last trip to Portland.  It came from one of her Lego sets and she thought of me when she saw it.
A tiny surgical person!  It did have an x-ray in it's other hand but somewhere between Oregon and Ohio it went missing. Oh well, it still warms my heart to look at it every day!  The other thing I have sitting here makes me laugh more than smile.
CST stands for Certified Surgical Technologist....that's my official title and one of my co-workers gave this to me years ago.  Me an angel???  Well, it's a nice gesture!  I know this is a short month but for some reason it usually seems to take much longer to get through than January!  It will determine how we remember this Winter season as we await March to come in like a lamb..hopefully!  But no matter what happens weather wise, it's also the month of hearts, flowers, and love..with a little chocolate mixed in.  So come on shorty, show us some February love!


joeh said...

If that high chair has any antique valeu you might want to think twice about removing the stain or refinishing. It is sometimes the signs of wear and age that give an antique value.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy February to you and your gang in Ohio, Ashland! If you are happy with a mild winter and not much snow then I am happy for you. We haven't seen any snow at all this winter where I live but I am keeping my fingers crossed. :) I admire the workmanship on that antique highchair you inherited from your in-laws, and it looks like the folks at the senior center did a fine job of fixing the seat and sprucing it up. That little Lego surgical person is cute! Maybe you can use your artistic ability and make an X-Ray for her to hold to replace the one that went missing. I can also understand how you would be inspired every time you glance at that CST angel. If you would stop and think about all the people you have helped in your decades of service, you would realize that you really are an angel, YaYa.

I hope the month of February treats you right and that March comes in like a lamb as you wish. In the meantime, in between time, have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

February seems to fly after Valentine's Day. Son's birthday is the first part of March and it seemed to creep up on us even though we knew better way too soon. I welcome the short month of February. Closer to more light in the sky in the evenings and mornings. When I type operative reports, I do think about you. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'll take you up on your invitation to invite me to view a surgery :)

And as a final though, next Thursday we are due to have 83 degree weather. I'm loving it!!!


acorn hollow said...

we have had snow and cold and we are in the cold again but by no means a hard winter just lots of ice which I hate. I was happy to turn the calendar we are one month closer to spring. I am glad that easter is later this year maybe it will be nice to hunt eggs this year.

Julia said...

February will go fast too, already on day 4. We're all waiting for spring. It seems far away but it will come fast as most of us keep busy.
You're lucky to see green grass. All we see is snow and blue skies. It's pretty but cold.

Have a great weekend.

Rick Watson said...

The sun was out here yesterday but you must have left the ceiling fan running on your porch because the wind out of the north kept the temps in the upper 40s.
Love that chair. Like Joe, I think I'd leave the stain on the tray.

Kim said...

Well our groundhog said early Spring but ever since he popped out of his burrow it's been freezing. I love that high chair. I found one at a yard sale that was in rough shape. I planned on fixing it and putting it in my kitchen with little flower pots on the tray and hanging tea towels on it. And now 2 years later it's still in the garage ☹️

Sweet Tea said...

Enjoyed the pictures, specially the two favorites of yours.
My favorites too!!