Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Gravy

This morning I woke up knowing it was going to be a busy day. The surgical schedule was full and I knew my room was going to be a challenge to get it done by closing time. I even went in a little early to make sure the first case of the day got started on time and hopefully keep it going that way all day. As I pulled out of the garage, big, juicy snowflakes were falling and the roads were slippery. Some schools were on a 2hr. delay. The air was crisp and cold and walking that distance from the hospital parking lot to the building with the snow blowing in my face was also a trick. But it builds character! As I left work this afternoon, I was happy to be heading home. The sun was now out, the air was warmer, the snow stopped and even melted almost all away. Ahhhh...this is good! I was happy to be heading home. When I arrived a little package was waiting for me from fellow blogger Sue!(Sue's News Views 'n Muse). The earrings I won had arrived! They are beautiful and I love them! It was a wonderful ending to a busy, crazy day. You never know what surprises lay in store for you. So even though it started out dark, cold, and ended with beautiful, bright and cheery! Aren't they pretty?
Here's a little "catch up" on my past weekend and week: With all the festivities of the season going full throttle, I needed to get the decorating on the outside of the house going. Last weekend I cut greenery from the million pines we have around the property. I put them in the window boxes and planters. I missed Eddy going with me and grabbing all the branches and running away with them! Well, maybe I just miss Eddy!
The berries on our holly bush we planted this past spring are nice and red and plump and looking very festive.
Wreath on door? Check!
The outside of the house is ready (unless I decide to put lights on the bushes) with greenery, bows and such. The inside is decorated too, only the tree isn't up yet. Hopefully that will get done tomorrow. Tonight we have a Church Christmas social that involves dinner with a padgent afterwards. Jack has to be King Herrod...But if you think he's a sucker for saying yes to that task get a load of what I agreed to do. A sign up sheet went around church for items to make for this dinner. I signed up for one thing...then of course everyone brings a dessert...then I was asked to make a turkey...then after I said yes, they asked if I would mind making 2 turkeys. Well, since I was doing one, how hard could 2 be to make? So I said "sure, no problem". Did I mention I work 5 days a week? All day? So that means cooking the birds at night...waiting for them to cool a bit...then carving..well, you get the picture. I'm sort of sick of the smell of turkey. Hopefully they will taste good.
Turkey #1..I put that in my roaster so I could have the oven for the other turkey. That way both were done around the same time and then I let them set for a bit before slicing and returning to the roaster to be warmed up tonight. It was like lovely ballet. Think "Nutcracker" music with a turkey baster and a pot holder. Brought tears to my eyes.
Turkey #2...I laughed when I looked at this pic. Oh my, the oven has taken a beating and needs that self cleaning setting STAT!
I signed up to bring cheesy potatoes (or funeral potatoes as my Mom calls them). That was before I said yes to making 2 turkeys. Repeat after me...SUCKER
Then I made these cuties...usually I make a fancy dessert for this shindig, but I ran out of steam! These are a twist on 7 layer cookies..the base is a fudge brownie mix that you put just butter in and press into the bottom of the pan instead of graham crackers. My Sis gave me that idea!
Well, Santa thinks I should untangle these lights and get the tree put up...But first I'm going to get my head examined so I can learn to say NO when asked to make 2 turkeys..atleast I'll be wearing cute earrings at the crazy house!


Sue said...

So glad to see that your earrings arrived safely...and also glad that you like them! (I have a pair myself, but they are slightly different.)

As for agreeing to do two turkeys AND the potatoes, I think you need to move to OUR ward!


lakeviewer said...

I'm pooped just reading this! And you work five-days a week? Are you crazy? No. You are quite typical. I just can't believe I too did all those things at one point.

Happy Holidays. The House looks great.

CHERI said...

Well,it's certainly beginning to look a like Christmas at your've been a busy, busy beaver. Love the earrings...I'm nuts about shoes & earrings!

Hope said...

wholly smokes! you've got more energy than me my friend!
great post! love the earrings!
have a great weekend!

Donna said...

You NEVER fail to amaze me!!! After work I just go home and crash!! You...holy cow!! I hope they appreciate all your wonderful cooking!! (Because it always is!!) Hope poor King Herod got some....

The earrings are beautiful!!

Crawford Family said...

eYour are a worker bee! What can we say, we love you! I'm sure they appreciated everything you did.

Your house looks great. Maybe you can ask Jordan if Eddy can live with you guys?....

Rose said...

glad to be back blogging. love the earrings and that was a sweet gesture . boy! are you taking some energy drink to do all the cooking, decorating. the outside of your home is beautiful take care rose

Deb Shucka said...

What beautiful earrings! I can't believe how busy you are. Hope you're able to enjoy all of your activities. Love the Santa, too.