Sunday, September 24, 2017

Down At The Farm

Happy Fall 'y,all!  Friday was the first day of my favorite season.  Mother Nature is having the last laugh however, as our temperatures around these parts have been in the high 80's and even 90 over this weekend.  Very hot for us this time of year.  Plus no rain in the past few weeks.  Well, it looks like by next weekend the very cool temps are coming our way and truly that will make it feel more like Autumn.  One of the things I enjoy about this time of year is going to all the Fall festivals around the area.   Saturday Jack and I headed over to Malabar Farm for it's annual Heritage days.
Malabar is the homestead of the author, Louis Bromfield.   He was a conservationist and did many things on the farm to help with new farm techniques.  He also had some of his books made into movies.  Malabar is now a state park and has fun activities all year.   I guess the most famous thing that happened here was the marriage of Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall.
Most young folks won't even know who that is but they were pretty famous in their day!
This is an outside pic of the "Big House" as it's called.  Inside it's pretty much the way it was back in the 40's and compared to how famous people today live, it's pretty modest.  It's also supposed to be haunted!  I went on a ghost hunt here with friends from work.  It was alot of fun, but not much in the way of ghostly happenings!  Here are some of the happenings that went on Saturday.
Inside the barn where they hold many dances during the year, it was filled with vendors selling all kinds of things.
Outside on the front lawn the Civil War was taking place.
I'll just label this pic...LOUD!
Maybe they didn't realize that old Abe Lincoln was in the back of the house?  We saw quite a few different characters.
The French and Indian war was also being  reenacted. 
The costumes were amazing!
We ran into our friend Daryl who used to do the Civil War but has moved back in time!
As we were walking down the lane I heard a noise in the woods.  I turned and saw this guy watching on the pic and check him out!
The day was hot and taking a ride from one end of the area to another was made a bit easier by horse and wagon...well, easy on us but not sure how the horses felt about it!
There's an international Hostel on the farm and yes, it's haunted too!
This is the Cilia Rose house.  What makes it special? Well, Cilia Rose murdered her family by poisoning them...and yep, it's haunted too!  We enjoyed all the things down on the farm Saturday and ended with a lunch of  a grilled trail bologna and baby swiss cheese sandwich.  We washed it down with some ice cold lemonade and then it was time to head home.  There were many vendors selling everything from antiques to walking sticks.  I managed to escape without buying a thing...a miracle!  So let the season begin...go for a walk among the leaves turning colors, sip some cider or make a delish apple pie:
It's Fall y'all!


Julia said...

Ohh, that's the way I like my apple pie, with golden crust. Looks so delicious. You're a fist class cook and I know this just by looking at your apple pie. I can almost taste it...

I remember you talking about a tour of the place with a girl murdering her family a while back. It sounds like a lovely day spent in the past and the best thing, you didn't buy anything.

The temperatures are hot and muggy and tomorrow is supposed to be very hoy and even more muggy.
Happy fall to you dear friend.
Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

wow it looks like a pretty active place! haunts and all!
We are very hot too I hope it cools down but a hot week coming

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Today I learned about the hot weather up north when Kathleen Mae Schneider emailed me from Central PA and told me she walked her dog in 90 degree heat. You can imagine what it is like down here putting up with that kind of heat nine months of the year.

Lucky you (and Jack) for getting the jump on Halloween by visiting not one but three haunted houses. I would certainly enjoy touring those places. Do you think the "Big House" at Malabar Farm is haunted by Bogie and Bacall? Mrs. Shady is both a history buff and a war buff and I'm sure she would have enjoyed watching the Civil War and French & Indian War reenactments and rubbing elbows with honest Abe Lincoln. Heavens to Murgatroyd - did Bigfoot from the Creepy Woods follow you guys all the way to Malabar? :)

I'm happy to learn that a cool snap is on the way up there to make it seem more fall like. I just hope Mother Nature doesn't get carried away and bring you a blizzard! :)

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Kay G. said...

Louis Bromfield, what a fascinating man! One of the first to stop using pesticides, a man ahead of his time! He was also good friends with Jimmy Cagney!
Thanks very much for this lovely post!
(Believe it or not, I typed lovely PIE instead of POST and had to re type it...guess you know what you left me thinking of! Ohh, that apple pie looks so good!!)

Gin said...

That's a nice way to spend a hot fall day. I like making the rounds to our area fall fairs in every parish. Your apple pie looks delicious!

betty said...

That grilled trail bologna sandwich with Swiss cheese sounds delicious! Certainly something I would want to try! Looks like a fun time was add for you and Jack! We are enjoying a few cool days (low 80s) before it heats back up to the 90s by the end of the week. Fall certainly is in the air no matter where one might live! Enjoy!


Rick Watson said...

I love fall festivals. We're playing at on the first week of October. And we'll go to one the next day.
Those costumes are amazing'.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

That apple pie looks just perfect! The haunted house, I will keep my distance. Yikes. That market looks like the perfect place to spend the day. What fun.
Happy fall to you!

Mich said...

Fall festivals are the best. That place looks really neat. But OMG that guy behind the tree!! Is that his job? I think I would enjoy that job...