Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm Baaaaackkk!!!

 We returned from our trip to the great state of Oregon to visit our #2 son Craig and his wonderful family.  I mentioned that I'm not fond of flying, but we had good flights coming and going and all was well.  As always when your on a vaca it goes way too fast and is jammed full of fun things, family things, just plain good things.   Here's the trip in a nutshell.  First and foremost was seeing the Grandkiddos.  They are growing fast and involved in tons of school, church, family and other activities.  Here's how they were featured day to day:
Katie can be found reading every chance she gets.
Taylor enjoying the camera we gave him to learn on.  He loves it!
Sophia is ready for a photo op at every turn! I think I have more pics of her than anyone! Hey, a willing subject matter too cute to pass up.  Then there's the scenery of the Pacific Northwest:
Astoria, Oregon where many movies were filmed...Kindergarten Cop, The Goonies, and Short Circuit just to name a few.  Beautiful little town!  There was big tower that everyone climbed up on and then flew little airplanes off of it.
I started to go up the winding staircase and my fear of heights kicked in and I decided to not go.
Jack flew my plane for me!
 Mount Hood as seen from Trillium Lake.  We had such a fun time in the beautiful weather.
Jack even found us a retirement home!
Bigfoot wanted in...who would say no to him?
There was a project that needed done....a trampoline for the kiddos!
That will keep them hopping!  Another reason we took the trip at this time was for Craig's 40th birthday! Can't believe it he's soooooo old! Ha!
There was decorating to be done.
Flaming dinners to eat.
Gifts to open.
Candy bar birthday wishes to be had.
Candles to be blown out.  Happy Birthday Craig!  We finished off the trip with the usual other things..
Family photo moments.
Swimming at the lake.
Paddle boarding.
Water balloon fights!
Silly string antics too!  So much fun... not enough time.  As everyone probably knows, there are lots of fires burning out west.  Portland was getting the ash and poor air quality problems that go with that.  It became overcast and the sun was always a crazy red color.  I captured this shot during the day.  The sky wasn't black but the sun was exactly this color.
Hopefully there will be an end to it soon.   Even though we had a great time, it was good to get home.  A big thanks to Jordan for staying at the house to take care of Chubbs.  
So long sweeties!  Big hugs to you all!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I am very happy to know you made it back home safely and that you had a good time out west with your family in Oregon, Portland. Everyone is looking great. Happy Birthday Craig! I'm glad I guessed correctly that Jord was caring for Chubbs while you were away. I'll bet Chubbsie was very happy to see you when you got home. The Yeti in the woods, too!

Dear friend, I am keeping this short because I am distracted by the major hurricane that is approaching us. At this hour it doesn't look good for our community and we are busy tonight packing, getting ready to evacuate, make a trip across the state tomorrow and hunker down elsewhere to ride out the storm. I will probably be suspending all blogging activity beginning tomorrow.

Once again, welcome home, dear friend YaYa, and have a great weekend. Mine is going to be rough!

joeh said...

Looks like a great time, hope the fire is far away from them.

Now I have to look for those Cranky bars.

Julia said...

Yaya, I think you had the perfect vacation. Lovely photos of you beautiful family having loads of fun.
Heh, I hate flying too but it beats driving for hours to get to see the family members we love.
That sun is red, wow. I hope the fires and flooding and hurricanes are over soon. this has been an especially bad year, even here in Canada.
Stay safe, Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

It looks like fun. I bet it was great to see your grandkids
and your son.
To bad about the fires this country is either burning or blowing away.

betty said...

What a lovely family! Happy belated birthday Craig! Sounded like such a delightful trip!! I do hope all the forest fires in the Northwest get controlled; so much damage!

Welcome back!


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So glad to hear your trip went so well. The easy flight and the great weather, it looks like a ton of fun was had. Welcome home!

Susan Anderson said...

What a cute family they are...and I LOVE It there. A great spot to visit and to live.

I came back and posted today as well. It's crazy that I only post every month or two now when I used to post every day. That's what a retired hubby and twin grandchildren have done for me, lol.

Mom and Dick are still thriving. How is your cute mom doing?


Regine Karpel said...

Glad you enjoyed.

Munir said...

Welcome back . Best wishes for Craig for his birthday. Thank you for sharing pics of family members and also parts of Oregon . That Sun is beautiful. So happy that you are back home .

Munir said...

PS: That Butterfly bench is very interesting.

Rick Watson said...

One of my blog buddies lives in Oregan. Jilda and I've been to Seattle and Northern California, but never to Oregan.
It's on my list.
Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while.