Saturday, September 16, 2017

In A Fog

After coming home from vacation it takes me a bit to get back into the groove. There's some catching up to do and getting back into the work mode.  I only worked 2 days the week we came home but it felt like a full week to me!  This past week went better and I felt like the fog was lifting from my brain.  I had Friday off and woke up to a real fog!
The house was fogged in.
Chubbs was doing his exploring in a bit of a fog.
The corn field across the road was blurry.
Creepy woods was, well....creepy.  Fog does that!  It's quickly turning into Fall.  Next week will take us to a new season.  Around here the leaves are slowly turning.  The apple orchard is open for apple picking but we were able to get our own this year from our apple tree's first harvest.
They are crunchy, sweet and delicious!  I mixed them with a couple of other types and made an apple dish that went to work with me...and disappeared by 10AM!
As always the sun eventually comes through and burns off the fog.  I'm hoping my brain fog burns off completely too!
There's mums to plant..
Flowers to enjoy until that first frost hits.   Hope all's well in your neck of the woods and I hope our friends down south have  power back on and clean up under way.  It's been a heck of an end to Summer.  I'm ready for favorite season!


joeh said...

Creepy woods are extra creepy in a fog.

betty said...

Apples do look delicious! We haven't seen much fog here in Phoenix, but plenty when we lived by the coast in the San Diego area. Surprised to see the pool go from 93 degrees down to 86 degrees in just a few short days; indeed fall is approaching!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I love the dramatic sunset used as your header! The fog that cloaked the Pines looks very refreshing to someone like me, sweltering down here in the Florida heat and humidity. It seems like it got hotter than ever right after Hurricane Irma struck leaving thousands w/o power and air conditioning. I'll bet Chubbs had a ball out there sniffing around in the cool mist.

Your apple tree yielded some beauties. We have a farmer's market down here that will soon be stocking Stayman apples picked in groves up north. Mrs. Shady and I love them. I look forward to seeing pictures of your colorful autumn leaves again this year, a sight I do not get to enjoy in person unless I do some traveling. You have beautiful planting beds on that side of your house and the red table and chair set goes very well with the flowers. I remember your kitty hanging out over there.

Thank you for showing us the latest pics from the Pines as it transitions into fall. Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Kay G. said...

Your own apples! That is wonderful and they look delicious!
Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....I didn't say it, Keats did but it goes along with this post. :-)

Julia said...

It's that time of year here to. We do get fog in the morning now and then. It's been cool in the morning and muggy hot in the afternoon.

Lucky you to have your own apple tree. I had two apple trees once that got attacked by borer worms and it killed them before I knew what happened. I never replaced them. Your apples look tasty right off the tree. Beautiful mums, so colorful.

It must be almost time for you to retire. My husband George is talking of retiring by spring. I'm more than ready to throw away my alarm clock and sleep in in the morning, lol...
Take care of yourself dear Yaya.

Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

I will be returning to a full work week next week after a week off so sad.
Your apples look great! love your flowers and yes it is my favorite time of year also.

Susan Anderson said...

Everything looks so inviting, even the fog...but especially the apples!