Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter / April Fools

 Yesterday we gathered to celebrate Easter.  I love this holiday.  Yes, because of the religious aspect of it and it's meaning of new hope and renewal, and also because it really does mean Spring is here.  We had a chilly day but lots of sunshine made it great to do our annual Easter egg hunt outdoors. This year we started early...10am with brunch here at the Pines.
Since it was so chilly in the morning a fire in the kitchen fireplace made it cozy.
Jack had french toast duty..he's a pro!
I showed you the kid's lamb cake and this is the one I did...being watched over by Peter Rabbit!
Plates were loaded up...looks good Summer and Brett!
Kip our granddog made it...he's ginormous!  Just to give you a comparison,  the next pic is Kip and Summer's dog, Happy
Happy comes up to his knees!  We sure missed having our little Chubbs here..he would have enjoyed all the company.   After brunch we headed outdoors for the egg hunt.  The sun was shining and even some of our daffodils were blooming.
Addy was having fun while Lexi dug through the brambles for eggs.  Those egg hiders were brutal this year.  The kids had to really dig for them!
Cameron, you can thank your Uncle Jordan for putting eggs in this weedy mess!
Lex had to trudge down to the creek for the loot.  We came up short  2 eggs which I'm sure I'll find when I start mowing the lawn in a few weeks...if the weather ever warms up!   Being April Fools day old Mother Nature pulled a fast one before midnight.   When I woke up it had snowed!
That's Jack's jeep with a tarp and snow...
I leave for work pretty early so I snapped a quick pic in the dark of our snow.  Yes, we were fooled alright.
This is later in the morning from the hospital window.   But by this afternoon we had this:
Green grass and no snow and tomorrow it's suppose to be 70 degrees.   We go through this every Spring...up and down temps and snow and rain.  Hopefully by May it will be better!  So Mother Nature had her laugh yesterday but today I want to toss out a big Happy Birthday to Jordan,  our youngest...34! Holy cow, we're the same age!  It's a miracle!  Jord, you were a fun kiddo and you're a wonderful young man..we love you!
When I took this pic yesterday I realized he was in the shadows..but he's a quiet guy and prefers it that way!  Happy Birthday!   Happy Easter to everyone and I hope it was wonderful for you.


joeh said...

Looks like a really good day. I would love to have a fireplace in the kitchen!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Yaya!

Happy birthday, Jordan! I'll bet Jordan misses his old pal Eddy. So do I, and I also miss the late, great Chubbsie. It was a pleasure to see those two granddogs Kip and Happy, visiting The Pines for the annual Easter party along with your grandkiddos. Those young'uns keep growing and changing before our very eyes.

I doubt you will ever find those two missing Easter eggs. I suspect that Jord hid them too close to the Yeti's den and the Sasquatch chowed down on them. Mother Nature pulled an April Fools' prank on you guys for sure. I can remember some snowfalls in early MAY in Pennsylvania, so you might not be out of the Creepy Woods just yet.

Thank you very much for showing us the joy of your family's Easter celebration, dear friend Yaya!

gin said...

Snow. No snow. Make up your mind Mother Nature I would say. Kip and Happy are cute. It's sad Chubbs couldn't be there too to entertain his guests. Happy Birthday to the baby boy. And great egg hunters you have! You are filled to the brim with life's enjoyment. You are blessed.

Julia said...

Oh, I'd like a close-up of that plate of food. Eating at your house always looks like a great feast... It sure looks yummy. Having family around at Easter is really a blessing.
I love the egg hunt and those little baskets are filling up nicely. The kids are getting bigger every time I see them.
Happy Easter.
Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

love the brunch idea. Looks like a fun time with family as you always do.

Rick Watson said...

What a hoot. Your granddog looks like Jordan’s dog Lady.

Anonymous said...
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CHERI said...

Looks like a lovely family holiday:) We had a very nice day as well...had an Easter Egg hunt for my two grands & the 15-year-old even "wanted" to do it (after I told him $$$ was involved:) Hope you have lovely spring days ahead.