Thursday, April 26, 2018

Don't Waste The Day

A few years ago we had a friend who passed away much too soon.  He was married to one of my friends that I grew up with and have stayed in contact with all these years.  One of his sayings was: "Don't waste the day".   I think of that often when I get a day like today.   I was offered the day off since we weren't too busy.   The last few weeks have been very  hectic at work and I was glad to have this time off.   I always feel like I should jam pack the day with tons of things so I don't feel like I wasted it away.   So I hit the ground running...after sleeping in a bit of course...and cleaned bathrooms, washed floors, laundered sheets,  cleaned up in general and then I headed for the outdoors.   It was a lovely day.  60de.,  and sunny.   But we are about a month behind this year as far as the Spring season goes.
As you can see from this shot, none of the trees are sporting leaves... not even buds!  Weird!  But there are a few signs that we may get some color soon.
The magnolia tree has buds and soon will be a delight in  pink,
My Granddaughters were over last week and picked some daffodils that didn't seem to mind the cold and off and on snow.
They found some puzzles I had picked up for them and had fun putting those together.  I gave them the flowers to take home and bring some Spring in the house!   Meanwhile, back to my non wasted day...
This pile of mulch was waiting to be spread and I spent the rest of the morning working on that little project.  After a yummy Chinese lunch with Jack, (thanks Babe!)  he went back to the office and I went back out and completed the front planting areas.   What next?  I grabbed my new bow and arrows and took off for the archery range where I played for a bit until I had to head home and make some dinner.   Whew...the day was starting to catch up with me and after dinner I took a quick little nap and then went outside and helped Jack get the mower finished.   I had picked up a part he'd been waiting for and now I'll be able to mow this weekend.   I did take a few minutes to snap a pic of our new neighbor...
Don't know much about this sweetie but he joins the Alpaca next door.  I'll have to get the scoop next time I see his owners.  So that's been my day off and now it's time to head for bed.  5:20am comes super quick and I'm on call this weekend so I'm prepared in my head to work. 
So don't waste the is good but so is taking time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise or a pretty bouquet of flowers.   Hope your week ends on a good note..night all!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I just returned from a hectic day of my own starting with an hour drive to my doctor appointment in another city followed by a visit with family members in another part of the state. It's good to be home again after so many hours of driving.

60 degrees in Ohio, Ashland? I remember the temperature plunging that low in Florida one night during the long, frigid winter of '47. Folks around these parts are still talking about it. :)

I admire you for rolling up your sleeves and getting so many chores done inside and outside the house. When you go to bed at night after a day filled with honest work, you sleep well, sleep deeply, and that's how it was meant to be. I love the daffodils that poke through the snow and survive the fickle weather of early spring. Yours are lovely. That's a beautiful horse in the neighboring pasture. I hope you learn more about it and take more pictures. I'd love to see the alpaca, too.

Thank you for showing us what you've been up to, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your week!

betty said...

Late spring for you all with the buds just maybe starting to bud, but it will be a pretty one I would imagine. Such a beautiful sunset too! You certainly were productive on your "day off." So true with the advice not to waste a day, but I find myself wasting a few here and there especially when given a "freebie" of one off.


acorn hollow said...

we are in for some good weather next week this week we had some but it was my 10 hour days.
Sounds like you got some good work done and had a wonderful day

Julia said...

You managed to be very productive on your day off. Your spring may be late but you're way ahead of us. I hope that you'll post pictures of your Magnolia tree when it blooms.

The grass is starting to gro and the spring bulbs are popping up. The crocuses have been blooming and the daffodils in the sheltered back of the house have started to bloom too. The river is on the flood stage and I worked all day yesterday to put things up in the basement just in case the water comes in. It's over the lanes up the road where the ground is lower.
Hugs, Julia

Rick Watson said...

Several people around us have horses now. They are beautiful creatures.
Sounds like a productive day.

CHERI said...

It's so nice to end the day knowing you have been so productive! Now that I'm retired I have more time to get things done, but I do miss working. I for one am glad that Spring has decided to be a little slow in gets hot here very quickly once spring hits. There's green on the trees now and the birds are I know Spring has officially arrived.

gin said...

You were busy! I don't blame you, I wouldn't waste a day either doing nothing.

Donna said...

You busy beaver you! I missed you at work! You were just getting ready for the work to do in your basement. Hope all is under control by now!

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