Monday, April 16, 2018

Feeling Bad Today

With the highest hopes and greatest intentions we adopted Zoe and welcomed her into our home.  Unfortunately, it's been a struggle to help her overcome her very skittish and scared outlook with humans.  At first we were encouraged by some small steps she was taking.  Like being able to walk into the house with someone next to her.  She has so many good qualities like loving to walk on a leash and be outdoors.   She's not aggressive at all.  She did great with being housebroke.  She's great with other dogs.  But with us she just didn't seem happy at all.  It was a challenge to get her leash on her without her waking in the other direction and not coming to us.   When our Granddaughters came over on Saturday she was a bit better with them.  Probably because they are smaller like her.   The saddest part was seeing how Zoe was getting worse.   She wouldn't take treats anymore or even food from our hand.  She would eat from her bowl just fine as long as we didn't stand next to it.  So on Sunday I called the folks involved in the prison program for some guidance on how to proceed with her.   In the program they offer a week trial period but after meeting her at the prison we were really confident she would be fine.  Zoe was an Amish puppy mill dog who was caged for 6 years and not loved or touched much by anyone.  She was just livestock to them and used to make puppies.   We understood she would need time to adjust, we just didn't bank on her not wanting any connection with us at all.   And also we understand she was here only a week.  But we saw how depressed she was getting, and how she was becoming more detached.  Not ever dealing with something like this we decided to return her to the prison program.  She was only in it for 2 weeks when we took her but we were assured by the prison that she would do better in a quiet home like ours.  After being with her, both Jack and I feel she really will do better in a family with kids and even better if there were other dogs around her.   So I took her back to the clinic and was assured by the Vet there that she would be fine and they will take our recommendations to put her in a home with kids and/or dogs.  There were other people interested in her and some even had experience with dogs like her so I feel we did the best thing for her.   So although I feel really bad it didn't work out, I feel in my heart it was the best move for her.   Some may criticize us for not taking more time with her but we lived with her and know how she was responding.  I guess this is lesson learned and also I have to give kudos to our son Jordan who really hit the nail on the head.  He came over on Sunday and said we probably jumped the gun on getting a dog so quick after losing Chubbs.  We probably thought she would be just like all the other dogs we've had in the past.  And perhaps we thought she would fill his place.  Not fair to her and a mistake on my part.  Anyway, to make the day even more sad, it's snowed all day.  Not a "stick to the ground snow" but a snow in the air kind.  Mother nature taunting us  We went from 80 degrees on Friday to 34 degrees today.  Sort of like my mood I guess!  Have a good week everyone.


Shady Del Knight said...

Oh, YaYa, I am so sorry Zoe didn't work out. You and Jack did your best. You monitored the situation day by day and when you noticed that Zoe was continuing to withdraw, you did what you believed best for her and for you. I hope she will find a forever home with children and other dogs if that's what it takes to bring her out of her shell. If and when you decide to adopt another dog, I hope you will achieve a positive outcome. Eddy was unique and Chubbsie was unique. Every dog has its own personality. I hope you can find one that takes to the Pines like a duck to water.

God bless you, dear friend!

joeh said...

I think you made a good decision.

Julia said...

I know you made the right decision Yaya. 6 years in a dog's life is a very long time. Poor little dog. I know that you really tried your best. I'm hoping the dog will find it's right home. Your heart is in the right place.

After I lost my last house pet, I couldn't bring myself to get another one. I got so attached to all of them and I cry like a baby when it's time to let them go.
It was always very painful. We've always had pets for as long as I can remember.

Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

You did make the right decision and maybe they homed her way to early.
We were sleet and freezing rain all day I need spring soon

Rick Watson said...

Hey Yaya, I think a home with kids is the answer. We’ve had pups before that would NOT allow us to get close to them.
Keeping her would have made her unhappy and you too.

gin said...

Aww, I know there's a perfect home out there for Zoe. It's good that you could describe to the prison program what Zoe's needs are by having her for a short time. Funny comparing the snow and temps to your mood -- Mother Nature / Mother Yaya

Karen Purcell said...

Hi There I have been catching up on some old friends blogs, I can see you are still doing well, surrounded by all your loved ones. Am sure that you are looking forward to summer, looks like it has been a long winter. So sad what humans can do to animals, I think it was Ghandi who said "The state of a nation can be judged by how they treat their animals"

betty said...

During my blogging break, though I didn't comment, I did read my favorite blogs; yours being one of them. I was sad to read of Chubbie's passing a while back and did read about you welcoming Zoe into your family. I think you made the best effort you could to have her be part of your family, but I am hopeful there will be another home out there that will be the right ingredients she needs to feel secure, etc. You did introduce us to a program that I hadn't heard about with prisoners working with dogs like this, so that was fascinating in itself. Don't beat yourself up too bad about it and I hope your mood improves like I hope your weather improves. Long winter for some of you; not fun indeed! Heard where we used to live in Montana, they had over 100 inches of snow this past winter. Lets hope you have a very long spring and a pleasant mild summer.


Kay G. said...

Bless you, this must have been so hard for you and Jack! Listen, all will work out for the best, my friend, believe in that always!!
Believe it or not, our weather has been much like yours but on a smaller scale, if you see what I mean! It was 80 today but yesterday morning, I had ice on my car!

Susan Anderson said...

So sorry it didn't work out, but I have a feeling you did the right thing for her, especially if she did better when the grandkids were around. My sister had to return a rescued dog one time, and it about killed her. She was afraid of Nikki's husband and just couldn't get over it. We figured maybe she had been abused by a man with red hair or something. It was strange, because he is really good with dogs.