Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Last Time

For some reason this Spring has everyone really on the edge of crazy town.  Could it be the snow that fell this morning?
Here's the pic from the hospital window.  I walked in at 6:20am with the ice pelting on my face and the snow flying.   Looking back at previous years on my blog I noticed we have had snow many times in April.  However, by April 19th warm weather is usually fairly consistent.  We've had a few warm days this Spring..not many.. but a few.  But then they are chased by weeks of cold.  No flowering trees that are usually out and about by this time.  No tulips.  Daffodils that are smaller than usual.  Maybe what' really bugging folks is by this afternoon the sun was shining and my car thermometer said 48de...a heat wave!   The grass was green again and I spotted dandelions.   I will need to mow this weekend if this keeps up.   Whiplash at it's best.  Well, we're tough even though we may whine about the weather....constantly.  I'm going to say that we can  handle it one last long as today is that last time...DID YOU HEAR THAT MOTHER NATURE!!!????  Not that I'm upset or anything.


gin said...

I do hope that today is your last day of snow for this spring. That's hilarious that you're in the snow today and mowing the lawn in 2 days. Today I enjoyed a sunny warm blue sky day.

joeh said...

Has not been an extra cold winter, but it sure is long.

betty said...

Its not too bad if a snowstorm comes after some pleasant days, but I don't think you guys have even gotten your share of pleasant spring days this year; just weird and I'm sure everyone is ready for it all to end and for spring/summer to be advancing. We did get a 6 inch snowstorm the Thursday before Memorial Day one year when we lived in Montana, but then it was gone pretty much by the next day when it warmed up to the 70s. Let's hope Mother Nature did listen to you and this is the end of it for this season!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Breaking news: The groundhog came out of his hole this morning, saw his shadow, and predicted six more weeks of winter. :)

I hear ya, dear friend. I well remember how frustrating it was to think that spring has finally arrived, only to have it driven away by more wind, cold and snow. It gets old and the waiting never seems to end. You Eskimos should push to have the error corrected by making July 4 the official start of spring. :) What I minded most about living up north was seeing dirty snow and ice for weeks on end and stepping into potholes filled with ice water.

YaYa, thank you so very much for your wonderful comment in memory of Margaret Schneider. Daughter Kathleen is replying to all comments this week and will post a response to yours as soon as possible. Thank you again for being such a great friend!

acorn hollow said...

No green grass no flowering trees or dandelions it is snowing as I type oh spring where are you

Julia said...

It snowing here too if it any consolations. The robins don't seem to mind because they're singing just the same. I had tulips coming up through the snow the other day so I know the ground is not frozen. I'm grateful for some of my prayers being answered so I'm not going to complain about the weather. Spring will come whenever. It does every year. Hang in there.
Hugs, Julia

Rick Watson said...

It was 39 degrees here last night and it will be in the 40s tonight. Cold weather is hanging tough this year.

CHERI said...

We usually have really warm weather by now here in the deep South but this year has been crazy. Warm one day, cold the next, hot the next, cool the next, cold the next.....just crazy! But I'm not complaining because I know our hot dry weather will be here sooner than later and I'm not looking forward to that. My daffodils didn't even bloom this year!!! But we've been working in the yard and watching the grass turn green. Mother Nature just likes to have a sense of humor sometimes:)

Susan Anderson said...

Our weather has been a little on and off here, too, but I think spring has finally arrived for good. It is going to be warm today, and tomorrow Karin is taking the twins to the beach with Grandpa.

I posted a birthday message to my mom today and knew you would want to read it. She is failing pretty fast these days, but we are still grateful to have her with us as long as possible. How we will miss her when she goes.