Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Ames

Here are some pix for Ames, although anyone is welcome to visit. I'm not sure anyone really does however, but atleast it is recorded for me! Gee, I've posted 3 times in such a short span, I may becoming addicted to my boring life. Anywho, Ames wanted to see how the powder room makeover ended and it's such a small space that taking a pic was hard. Looks like I enjoy taking shots of toilets or something. Anyway, we like the room...don't spend a ton of time it thankfully. The deck picture is a little leftover from the reception. The fountain. I always wanted one for the deck and I like this one very much. Sounds so pretty, even if poor Jack thought the toilet he just installed was leaking or running!


Donna Starkey said...

Bathroom looks great!! Good job, Jack!!

Amy and Craig said...

hurray! i love the pix! The powder room turned out gorgeous!! wow! I know you said it was a headache, but it certainly paid off! what a turn around for that space! Good job!
Thanks for the fountain pic too. I was hoping to see it. I'm glad there's a perfect spot for it that isn't the fire pit so that you and dad can both be happy!:>