Monday, July 4, 2011

Power To The People..Or Atleast To Us!

The electric situation is getting resolved slowly. Today a temp line was installed..around 10:30pm...and the first thing I did was blog. I have a problem or what? But I can atleast get my pics up and realize that even though this was a July 4th celebration wasn't a total loss. Jack got ready for camp by setting up his tent, waterproofing it, getting his supplies all together and Addie came and visited for a few hours the other night to test out his home away from home! We picked some black raspberries, played in the kiddie pool, watered flowers (before the pump quit working!), and had a quick picnic in the screen house.
It's amazing how easy it is to put together a picnic...a blanket, some peanut butter and some fresh picked black raspberries...and PawPaw's tent! Throw in a juice box and you have instant party with YaYa!
My hydrangea bush is blooming like crazy. Addie and I had fun putting together some vases of flowers.
Now this makes the flowers look prettier!
Ok, so as the weekend progressed, we were knee deep in trying to get the electrician to call us back, get Jack ready to leave for Scout camp, Church doings that needed done, etc. I was bummed because I missed out on the balloon fest. Gee, I didn't even see one balloon. Until Sunday morning. I heard the distinct noise they make and ran outside to see them coming over the horizon. I was happy that they made a fly over our house as well as a big drop down across the street at our neighbors house. So I feel a bit better about this weekend and not totally missing the balloon races.
I got a wave from the crew as they were directly over my house. Of course I had my camera ready and clicking away. Hope they liked my jammies...thankfully they were far enough away not to notice me without makeup!
I was trying to figure out where these guys were going to land...alot of other folks were too. The balloon followers were lined up on our road thinking they were landing...but the balloonist fooled them! My neighbors have a pool and that would not be the best place to put down that huge balloon.
After dropping that low, the balloonist started to pull it up...maybe someone had to go the "necessary room" for bladder break?
Hey, stay away from those electric wires...I'm having enough trouble with power and somehow I think hitting those would not make for a fun weekend for either of us!
Whew, made it up and over our trees...Bye until next summer!


Sweet Tea said...

The balloons seemed a little too close for comfort when they were by the highline wires,...The hydrangeas were beautiful!!

tattina said...

Dear ya-ya, thank you for sharing your weekend. It's interesting to learn how people spend their days off.
My best wishes to all your familly, especially to a nice little girl.

acorn hollow said...

the balloons are beautiful. I hat when we lose power and is seems to happen a lot here. and your hydrangeas are so lovely. Great picnic idea also.

Mrs Catch said...

Lots happening at the Pines! That balloon was awfully close to the electric lines. Glad it made it up again without incident. Our suburb was without power for days after the big flood earlier this year. No fun at all. Love the hydrangeas. They are one of my favourite flowers.

karen said...

Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I'm having to remember to give mine lots of water so they don't wilt in the heat. Do you know how you make them blue? Mine are all pink and I don't know what you add to the soil to make them blue.
The balloons must have been gorgeous to see - what a great weekend with your little one and the impromptu picnic. Glad your electric is slowly returning!

Sue said...

I love watching balloons sail across the sky!
And your hydrangeas are so lush. Just beautiful.
Cool tent, too.

But Addie takes the cake!


PS. Hope the electricity is back in full force very soon.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm glad you are functioning again. I think that picnic looked like great fun. Yaya always has the best ideas. It will be fun being a grandma someday, hopefully a long time from now.

Donna said...

What a great friend I am! Didn't even know about it till the crisis is over! Glad you're spunky!!
The hydrangeas make me sooo jealous! You grow them beautifully!! ~Just like little Addie...growing beautifully!!!

Darlene said...

What great pictures of the balloons. I have never even heard of balloon races, but they sound most interesting. Sorry you missed them, but at least you had plenty of excitement right in your own neighborhood. So glad they missed your wires. You have really had a heck of a time with your electricity, haven't you? I hope they get it all completely fixed very soon and that it doesn't happen again.

I loved the pictures of your hydrangeas and what a darling little girl to wear some in her hair. Addie is just so darned cute!

Your picnic sounded fun too. I love the tent and to be able to have it right there in your own yard----totally great!

Kerri said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous...and so is your little her name too. If we had a little girl, I wanted to name her Addison.

Love your instant picnic in the tent. Kids really don't need much to be happy, do they?!

rosaria said...

Beautiful pics! I'm so happy for you and your family now that you have your electricity back. Take care.

Deb Shucka said...

Glad to hear your electrical situation is getting resolved. I hope your insurance will cover it. Loved the pictures of the balloons. We have them over our house from time to time, but never as low as that one. Yikes! My favorite pic was Addie with her flower. Such a cutie.

Life 101 said...

Picnics-- is there anything better. It's been too long since I've been on one.
Me thinks that's something we should resolve very soon.
Love the hot-air balloons. They say you can do a balloon ride over Napa Valley in California. That would be a hoot.
Take care.

Hilary said...

Sorry to hear that you had power woes.. that's never fun to deal with and I can only imagine your champing at the bit to get back to blogging. ;)

Your flowers are lovely.. almost as lovely as the cutie who wears them in her hair.

I'd love to go for a balloon ride.. maybe just not that close to wires and pools!

Bonnie said...

I loved it when hot air balloons used to fly by our house. We have moved since then, and I am sad. :( There was a big, open field across the street from us, and they would land there occasionally. I was totally obsessed with this when I was a kid. Balloons fascinated me.

I am glad to hear that your power situation is getting fixed!!!
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