Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's Go To Market

This morning Jack and I headed over to the farmer's market. It's a hub bub of activity. You see your friends, neighbors, or in Jack's case, patients, all looking for fresh, locally grown produce and maybe a bargain in jewelry or honey or candles, or even egg rolls! We grabbed some of those and they were good!
How about some fresh garlic or green beans? I found some yummy tomatoes too.
There's more than just fresh veggies...the smell of oriental and mexican cooking lures you over and of course the Amish are selling everything from baskets to these pretty rugs.
Jack and I headed to his office after the farmer's market. He had a patient to see and I decided to take a walk up Historic Center Street. It's a very pretty tree lined road with huge old Victorian homes. Many are for sale. The prices are pretty good and they have been well maintained. So if you've always wanted an older home, Ashland has what you need... I'll give you a little tour right now!
This place is a monster size! I toured it once along time ago. Since then it has new owners who take good care of it. I always thought it would be a great place to have weddings and receptions...I see a Bride on that top balcony ready to toss her bouquet!
Don't you just love a big old fashioned wrap around front porch? Great place to hang those Boston ferns and sit outside with a cold glass of lemonade.
This is the "Miller Home" owned by the hospital and has Doc offices in it. I think it's really pretty and sort of "California" looking. It once housed a school of nursing...and I heard it's haunted!
This home was scheduled to be demolished at one time. It certainly didn't look as beautiful as it does now. It wasn't even in this location. It was farther up Center Street. The owners got it for free..they just had to pay to have it moved. There was a lot at the other end of Center so they moved it there and for years have been re-doing it. They're done and I'm sure they will never sell because they could never get out of it what they paid into it. But it's a beauty.
My Hubby used to live here. This is where his parents lived when we started dating and we were engaged on New Years Eve, 1973 in this very home..I do love this place and it's for sale...but I think not...well, maybe...Nah...
Even the nursing home on Center was once a's very lovely inside.
End of the walk brings me back to where I Hubby's office..yep, he's in an old Victorian too. It's also for sale..not his practice, just his building. We don't want the upkeep these take so if you want a great bargain come on in. You might even get a great Chiro adjustment to go with it!


Anonymous said...

Wow those houses are incredible!! I love them! Sadly in the city that I live in, our historical homes have ended up being zoned residential/business and a lot of people sliced up their sections and then dumps were built in and around them. Now they are all in bad areas of town. :(

tattina said...

It's a real pleasure to see al these nice old american houses.
Yaya, thanks for the wonderful post.

Munir said...

Thanks for the tour. The houses are beautiful and have their own style and I am sure they are all customised inside as well.
The farmers market must have been a treat as well. The veges look fresh, specially the scallions.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your support as well. I have become a little pensive but hopefully I will be OK. I did start taking Niacin too.

rosaria said...

I wouldn't be able to resist having a Victorian. Think about how your Hubby would feel if he could work right out of his home. Just saying...

Sandi said...

Oh how I drooled over those beautiful homes, loaded with character. Thanks for sharing these photos. I truly enjoy reading your posts and receiving the bonus of the added visual experience.

Donna said...

Good tour of historic Ashland!! I remember Jack's family living there...many moons ago!
Guess air conditioning here this weekend...Help! I'm fading fast into a puddle of sweat....eeeuck!!

Stacy Crawford said...

I might have to check out that market. I haven't been there in years. I'm thinking the egg rolls sound good.

Amy and Craig said...

Nice tour!!! Almost feel like I was there with you!! Maybe I will be next Saturday!!!

karen said...

Such lovely old homes! I've always wanted to own an old house - provided I could get the plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchen updated! These are real beauties! I love a good farmer's market too. You live in such a great area!

Bonnie said...

Mr. A is so obsessed with farmer's markets. It's insane. He wakes up at, like, 5 a.m. and goes to the market. I can't do it. I have never gone with him.
Besides, I don't cook or do anything with the food except eat it when he cooks it.
I'm so lame.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hope said...

the market.... I have a daughter that sells natural skin products there and the locally grown vegetables and other things are so delicious!

beautiful homes thank you for capturing them for us!

take care!

Stacy Crawford said...

BTW...those were the knappers cigs, but Jack can think whatever makes him happy!!! And the girl on the TV Selena Gomez from "Wizards of Waverly Place" on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, it's one of the shows the kids watch. I do have to say he has a keen eye...Just sayin'

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow YaYa I love this tour...
Years ago I wanted one of these homes but now I could never take care of them. lol
Your hubs office home is too cool.
Home you find a buyer.
Have a great week