Sunday, July 31, 2011

Church Social

Saturday the woman's organization of our Church (Relief Society) was in charge of our summer social. That would be Stacy (Crawford family blog), me and Ginger the other counselor. Ginger did 99% of the work and it turned out to be very fun. We had a nice pavilion, games, tons of food, and good fellowship. The weather cooperated too. It was warm but not humid and a nice breeze kept it very comfy in the shade.
The Church provided the hot dogs and hamburgers and everyone else brought food to share. There was a nice variety, no one left hungry!
This pond was located right next to our pavilion and anyone could go fishing or just sit in the shade and watch all the out for geese poop anyway!
There was a lovely pool for us to enjoy and even at a cut rate.
Even with all the activities planned and those available at the park, it doesn't take kiddos long to find the simplest things to have jumping on giant bubble wrap? Whatever keeps them amused!
We had a nickle scramble in the sawdust for the little kiddos. There was also hidden treats like candy, jewelry and plastic bugs! They all seemed to enjoy the hunt!
Ahhhh, the loot that was plucked out of the sawdust!
The last game we played was, not sitting on was a musical chair game to see who could win cakes baked by our YSA (young, single adults). It was a fight to the finish! But everyone enjoyed themselves and no one was hurt...well, almost no one.
We headed out after the festivities and drove back through "Mohican Country". We passed lush farmers fields and rolling hills.
Past homes built in the hillside
But nothing beats the long and winding road that leads to home.


Amy and Craig said...

looks like a good time was had by all!!

Stacy Crawford said...

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the yummy treats.

Bonnie said...

This looks like a lot of fun!!! I love these kinds of social gatherings where there are all kinds of fun activities. Water balloon fight, anyone?? :)

P.S. The endoscopy that I have tomorrow is my seventh one. Ugh. I have had 6 ERCPs, and this will be my first EGD. Even though I know how everything is done (for the most part) and what to anticipate, I am still nervous!!! It never gets any easier ...
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Sue said...

It's always fun to see these activities from two points of view (yours and Stacy's).

You can tell it was a great activity...And a fun place to have it, too.


Donna said...

wow! Looks like a really fun time...but then anything by a pond HAS to be!

Sweet Tea said...

The simple, fun activities that are so Americana - a day of sunshine, fun, and food shared among friends. It just doesn't get much better! Lovely photos.

Sandi said...

Those are just the best kinds of social events! Great pictures, really showed the scenery and fun. I miss those old fashioned events!

Kim said...

That looks like fun. I always enjoy our church suppers. The food is always great.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

How great to read about good old fashioned fun! Soooo nice!
It doesn't take much to make children happy..and it looks like everyone had a great Summertime outing!

Mrs Catch said...

What a fun afternoon. Love those green rolling hills.

Munir said...

This is food for soul and fun at the same time.
I have never heard of nickles in the saw dust game. Great idea!. Very nice picture details. Thanks for sharing:)