Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's A Hole In The Sidewalk Dear Yaya...A Hole

The electric issue is coming to a close. If you come to visit watch out for this hole! Hopefully after tonight and all the inspections, and the electric company gets here to make the final hookup, I can replant with all the plants I had to dig out of here. I just hope they are still alive enough to make it. Wish me luck!
We had a big storm yesterday. It rained buckets full. We needed it, but geez couldn't it come in a gentle manner? It cleared up enough in the evening that I decided to mow. Mowing around the pine trees is tricky enough. When they are wet it's like getting slapped in the face with soggy towels. I know I shouldn't mow after a rain, and believe me if I had known I would have the time to do it today I would have waited. I ended up soaked and covered in wet grass...and even cold! It does look alright today though.
I made this little play area for the Grandkiddos. The storm blew it all to smithereens. I did manage get it back in half way decent shape. The girls were here when I came home and they love the little chairs.
Here's where the alligator ended up...creeping slowly to the Creepy Woods. It gave me a laugh when I came home from work and saw it..I must be desperate for something funny.


Stacy Crawford said...

Did the storm blow it over there? That's just too funny that the alligator moved. I'm glad your ordeal is coming to a close.

Bonnie said...

I cannot believe that giant hole in the middle of the sidewalk. That sucks. Make sure the grand-peeps are safe around it!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Munir said...

The play area is so adorable. I hope that the electricians are able to fix up things for you.
Wet grass is not easy to mow. It does feel like wet towel. I remeber. It feels good to come and write again. Have a great week.

acorn hollow said...

so funny about the alligator but glad it is all coming to an end for you.

rosaria said...

I bet you can't ignore your mowing tasks with so much lawn to mow. It is absolutely gorgeous, btw, and wondrous playground for the kids. Glad to know you'll be getting your landscape back.

Karen Whittal said...

If no one has told you lately you are a great Grandma, I love your childrens area, even if it is alive and wants to escape I just love your garden it is beautiful and I am impressed you mow the lawn yourself, must admit I have a garden service mowing lawn is just not for me. Great to catch up on all the happenings at Whispering pines. Have missed you, am now up to date and get back to my blogging buddies I have missed you all so much

Sue said...

Bet you'll be glad to have the electric problem taken care of at last!

That's funny about the alligator creeping off to the creepy woods.

(I'll bet I would love your creepy woods.)


Kerri said...

What a fun little area for the kids! I'm glad your electric problems will soon be over. I hope you are getting a discount while the problems have gone on!

Donna said...

Well, yep! You DO have THE best sense of humor of anyone I know. The gator is funny though.

The play area is adorable...love that little house!

Glad the hole issuse is being resolved. You'll be so glad to have it filled up!!

karen said...

I still can't get over how beautiful your yard and property are - hole or no hole! Cute little play area - you'll need to put a lasso on that alligator. He seems determined to leave.

Kristy said...

Haha oh wow! You gotta love gusty winds eh? It's been very stormy here too as of late (sigh) but we did need the rain as well. Good luck with the hole! And definitely keep the babies far from it. Also, thanks for your kind words. Its been a rough few weeks. If your sons are ever single, lemme know, I want to be in your family haha :) x

CHERI said...

Hey, Yaya! Sorry I haven't visited lately but I've had absolutely no time to blog. I've missed my blogging friends though. I don't envy you all the electrical work. We are about to do some damage control too with a plumbing problem...dread that! I hope to have up a new post (finally) in the next day or two. Please come visit!

Deb Shucka said...

I think it's great you're able to laugh at anything at all given the way things have gone for you lately. Hoping all's well by now.

Cheryl said...

Ohew held my breath for a minute - I thought you'd fallen down! Love the play area - naughty alligator flying away like that! :-) Wish I'd had you as a grand parent.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Goodness I hope you don't loose all your beautiful plants. Glad your at the end of all this. I know it has been upsetting.
Funny about the aligator. haha
We all need a laugh these days.
Have a great weekend

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Funny! I'm a grand-peep and these extra years make me wary of "holes" in the ground!!! LOL Sorry...sick joke...LOL
This is a cute post..seeing the turtle out there headed for the woods. :)
I commented on your last post too...about the Texas cake? You must tell me what a Texas cake is...ok? Ok? I am so curious..well..ok..it's a cake, but what is different about it?

Sandi said...

Hi Yaya!
Thanks for visiting my blog and your much appreciated comments, especially concerning the knee surgery! I feel better already!
Suddenly, I don't feel so isolated anymore, thanks to Deb, and I am looking forward to following your escapades on your blog. You have a lovely area, and once the hole is filled, life will be sweet again, right?!

Jilda said...

I thought the alligator was pretty funny, love the kids' area!
So is the hole, a sink hole?
We get those on our major highways around here.