Friday, July 8, 2011

China Here I Come

Here's a few pics of the trench that will hold the new electric lines to our house. The side yard to the driveway to the flower bed to the house....and I'm sure it's atleast as deep as a hole to China should be. And full of weird and curious rocks..and one styrofoam cup. It's had to have been there for atleast 30yrs. So don't throw them away in a landfill because obviously the "green" people are right about them. They never dissolve away.
This part of the trench will go through my flower bed and under the patio between the house and garage. A little jack hammering is going to happen tomorrow. I had to dig up all the flowers I just planted and I'll lose my huge mum plant that's been there for about 10yrs. It blooms a very pretty red..or atleast it used to...That's the electrician Matt. When I told him I was taking pics for my blog he asked if I was going to title it: "Man makes huge mess in yard"...
This is a view of the whole thing...going around the cement pad was the only option..I wasn't about to have that all torn up too!
This is what I have for a power line temporarily..coming off the pole, over the garage and to our meter box...
This is how the temp line looks dangling near the house. I don't care what it looks like for now...just as long as I have power..and I needed it to turn on the oven tonight to make some food for work tomorrow.

Now For Something Completely Different:
We're having a "carry in" at work tomorrow to thank the computer people who have been here helping us be tortured for the last 2wks...sort of like thanking your Dentist for giving you a root canal..painful, but necessary. I had equal requests for a Texas sheet cake and my Greek chicken. Being the goof ball I am, I made both. I think this cake is yummy because I double the frosting weighs a ton! Usually Jack is here to drive to the hospital with the food and wait outside until I get across the parking lot, clock in, and then come and haul it all up to Surgery. Tomorrow I'm on my own..but I do have a's always good to have a back-up for times like these!
I'll be getting up an hour earlier to get these babies in the oven, transfer them to a crock pot to keep warm at work...and hopefully they will taste as good as they normally do!


jojo said...

oh yum, looks wonderful. I'm talking about the food there not the trench!!

rosaria said...

What a pain for all that work to take place in your yard. Hope all your problems get solved after all.

Sue said...

I make the Texas sheet cake too, and it is always a big hit. Cannot believe you double the frosting, though! It's already pretty thick.



Sue said...

PS. Sorry about your beautiful, flowering plant that you had to give up for that darned electricity!


Stacy Crawford said...

That chicken looks awesome. I hope you post the recipe. :)

Maybe when Green Valley opens back up we can get you a new red mum that will be much smaller, but will catch up eventually.

karen said...

Mmmm... Texas Sheet Cake... I believe we've had a conversation about that before. I would love to have the recipe for your chicken if it isn't a top secret thing. It looks wonderful!
Condolences for your flowers and especially your mum. Making necessary repairs is sometimes painful and you lose loved ones.

Donna said...

Your dishes were fabulous, baby!! I brought a couple of pieces home...yum!! Hope the weekend is better now that Jack is coming home and things are getting resolved!!

Deb Shucka said...

You're making my mouth water! The food looks amazing.

I hope your plant survives the trauma of the move, and that your electrical life is back to normal soon.

Hope said...

love your posts, Yaya! those dishes look awesome. do you have the recipe's posted somewhere? I would like to know how you make them

take care!

Christina said...

Glad things are getting worked out, even though your poor yard has had to suffer. I want Greek chicken right now! haha Casey's favorite cake is Texas sheet cake. I think I'll double the icing next time, too. Thanks for the idea!

Darlene said...

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't seem to post my comment.

Darlene said...

Okay, I finally figured out what was wrong. I must have gotten a little off on my signing in. I had forgotten that you have to sign in again and I messed up on the password. Darn!! Yours is the only one I have to do that with. Has it always been this way?

I was commenting like crazy about how wonderful your Greek Chicken looks. I hope you will post the recipe. After I wrote all my stuff about it, I read the other comments and discovered that I wasn't the only one that really wanted that recipe. I absolutely crave Greek Food and that looks just the best.

I make the Texas sheet cake too, only I use a regular 9X13 inch cake pan. It is the same recipe but we call it Choco Brownie Cake. One day I am going to bake it on a sheet cake and see what the difference is. Everyone loves mine, including me.

I won't even mention your electric problem. I am just sorry that you have to do so much replanting and I hate that you lost your mum.

I have even forgot about what I went on about in my original comment. I only know that it may have been the longest comment I have ever tried to post and when it went away I scremed bloody murder. It's a good thing that Dick wasn't here or he would have come running, which would have been hard for him as he is in Afib. He just got back from his electocardiologist and he has had him triple his medication for a few days and if he doesn't convert by himself by the 26th, he will need to cario convert him. I hope he will convert on his own because we will be long gone before the 26th. We will be leaving a week from today to be with Sue at the beach. Prayers are in order here.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well...I am NOT hungry but those looked delicious anyway! And the cake! *sigh*
Texas sheet cake?? I LOVE lots of frosting on can never be too much for me.

Yep, lotsa work going on there. I've decided you have to be young to take things like in stride. The last bunch of construction going on here was NOT easy...but after it's all's glorious! :)

I worked Surgery for six years and I am glad to be retired! Busy floor!
Thank you so much for your precious comment on my blog. Thank you!!