Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today we went to Summer's school for a Grandparent's lunch and special program about, you guessed it...Pirates! It was very cute. Summer clued us in about the menu (old folk food, creamed turkey glop on bisquits, jello..the stuff you get in nursing homes) so we stopped at Dairy Queen for some real food..cheeseburgers, fries, you know, the stuff of heart attacks. Summer gave it 2 thumbs up. We have her program 2 thumbs up too! She's behind the pirate with the yellow beard, but the pirate with the blue beard really cracked us up. He was very pumped about his part. It was a fun way to spend lunch...Thanks Summie Days!!!

Whew!!! Glad that's over!! Sunday I took another little hike, this time in my own creepy woods to search out the little "hut" that Jono and Jordan made the first year we lived here. It still stands Midge! Thought you'd like to see it. Jordan had already been up there and was a little creeped out because of the layer of fresh bark laid on the bottom of the hut. He was worried that maybe some "hobos" were camping there. However, no signs of homesteaders could be seen. It will remain a mystery. It is, after all, the Creepy Woods!!!

It was nice to walk the paths up there without being eaten alive by skeeters..we were practically bug free all summer and then October came and we were swamped with the little buggers! Even after 2 hard frosts they remained...until this weekend. Ah, to roam the creepy woods unbitten!

Sunday the kids were over and Cameron took time out of his new walking skills to eat some icecream and say hi to our little ghost friends in the foyer



Donna Starkey said...

Sometimes it just warms your heart to read your little piece of Americana! The pirates are cute, matey...and Summer looks more and more like Driana! Cameron is a little exploring toddler....don'tcha just love it?!

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig.....good pictures of the "Creepy Woods". I can't believe the little hut thing is still standing. Amazing!

Amy and Craig said...

Taylor loved those jammies that cam is wearing in the last pic. I remember Gord and jono building that shack. I think we used in that haunted woods walk we did that year, remember, when I was yoda and lara came and was a scarecrow and craig was a chef and katie was a lobster?!