Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby pics of weekend

Mom made a visit and was able to hold Great-grandchild# 17..little Addy (12 days old)
What fun! She's growing by leaps and bounds! Addy, not Great YaYa

Even cousin Amy likes her! Sorry I missed your face in the shot Amy...oops

Yes, I do believe she has brown eyes and she looks like her Mom on the bottom half of her face and Dad on the top half!

Now here's a mug only a mother could love...and a pic of a dog...Just kidding Jord! That's his dog he just got over the weekend. Meet Eddy the Boxer. Yes, Yes, I know what you're saying: "Hey Mommo, I thought you hated dogs!" Well, I don't hate dogs, I just don't like them in the house. But I caved and let Jordan get this one. Eddy's been good so far. Wait until he eats a table or couch or something, then I'll really scream. I'm banking on Jord moving out in the spring. Of course look what's happening to banks these days. Plus I have rotten luck, so we'll see...In the mean time he's being trained to not enter the livingroom (ala Ferris the wonder dog), do his "duty" far only a few mishaps...and Jordan is being trained in scooper pooper far only a few mishaps. Everyone that was here this weekend fell in love with Eddy, but no one begged to take him home...hmmmm....I'm such a sucker.

He really looks much bigger in this shot than in real life. I guess the camera really does add 10#!


Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig.....Great pictures of the baby! Phil and Amanda sure can make cute kids! Also, Gord's kid (dog) looks just like him. He's also catching on to potty training quicker than Gord!

Donna Starkey said...

The baby has the Starkey cute!
Larry LOVES Jordan's dog...Eddy fits him...he's one fine dog!!!!

Amy and Craig said...

Cute babies! Both of them!