Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Amish traffic jam. Parking isn't just crowed, it's a bit...well how should I say this? Messy? Have you ever thought about how much fertilizer is distributed when you have a kazillion horses tied to a post? If you live in civilization, probably not. However, here in Amish country you learn where you should or should not park. Unless you have Trigger as your main mode of transportation, then just join in the fun. But then we spotted these cute little Amish yard apes having fun in the playground area and I had to shoot a pic. They don't allow pics of themselves so I had to sneek one...Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Then I put the camera away and forgot to take any more shots of anything. Like family for instance, or the beautiful fall foliage...Well, I will take some nice leaf shots this week as the weather is sooooo nice and I know it can't last forever.
Aren't they just so cute in those pretty dresses? It was Amish days in Charm, Ohio and they were having auctions, and sales and tons of fun. They probably didn't care for all the "English" tourists (ie:us) horning in, but we enjoyed it anyway. Although traffic and parking really were a mess, we walked around a bit in the shops, then headed for home because we were tired of fighting crowds. I can do that in Chicago anytime I visit home, I really don't like to do that here! We headed for Grandpa's Cheesebarn, then the Parsely Pot and then back for a nap. Oh, we also had lunch in a cute place in Loundonville, but the waitress wasn't the most friendly person. But the food was good and it was a good way to top off the day.. I was sad when everyone,(Mom, Midge, Greg, Deidra, Amy and Eric) left this morning for home. It was a good weekend.

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Donna Starkey said...

Good old Ashland Americana!! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend!!!
Ummmmm, I can almost smell it too!!!