Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Ok, I couldn't stand leaving any witch out! Here's the one that sits so nicely on the kitchen fireplace mantel...a great lead into Ashland's trick or treat nite. Don't ask me why, but it's never held on Halloween, it's always the Thursday here's a little sneak peak into the fun. First we went to Jack and Steph's in good 'ol Polk....everyone gets into the act! But first Steph put out a Halloween feast that was very yummy! Thanks Steph!
I had to include my favorite "witches fingers" of course...Took alot of witches to get that many fingers I'll tell 'ya.

Then I had to throw in my awesomely good bat icecream sandwiches...easy to make and fun to eat!

Then it was off to get some candy, candy, candy. Anthony was all ready with his fireman's outfit and a bag for the loot.

Summer and some of her friends were decked out in some pretty (not sure what she was) costumes and they had a riot running around Polk gathering the goodies.

Hmmm, this guy looks like he had one too many...yucky!!

I decided to follow along with the kids to capture some really scary people. Here's the first one I came upon...oops, sorry Jack! He was the official candy hander-outer..

Now this guy was a scary fellow! He had a partner in crime with him. They gathered quite the crowd but he did make a few kiddos step back and refuse his candy...good idea

Here's his buddy...what a scream.

Unfortunately, Cameron wasn't very impressed with all the nights activities, but he did like the cheetoos the fire department handed out! We walked up and down his road then headed for the warmth of his house. It was a bit chilly out! But the night was clear and everyone had fun. The kids came back with bags full of candy and fun tales of another Halloween! Boooooo!!!!!!


Donna Starkey said...

It looks like an awesome Halloween!!! Especially the've carried on the green finger tradition to a whole new level!!!

Kent and Leisy said...

We got your Halloween package today!! We loved it - thank you so much. We are so lucky to have family in Ohio! Happy Halloween!
(The drunk pumpkin is a riot!)