Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Which witch is whitch?

Here are a few of my fav things I love about Halloween ..All my witches! Some are small like the little tea pot witch brewing up some spell I'm sure.
These little gals (and the little bat boy) are from the Lori Mitchell collection that I think are just stinkin' cute!
I like her because her nose is so weird...I know, I have weird taste!

This witch is a bit unbalanced, she sits carefully or else her head tips her over.
I've had this beauty about 20 yrs. She used to sit outside, but I was afraid the elements would ruin her in her advanced stage of life!
Here's a few of my smaller ones. Very cute don't you think?
I found this one this year on a clearance table...all alone and with a slight infirmity...I won't go into it, but she needed a home....very sad tale
Now here's a perky gal...sitting so nicely on the mantle.
This one is probably my scariest one..When she worked she would cackle and her eyes would lite up... She's broken...probably needs a witch doctor!!!
I've had this one also for many years. So cute, I just want to pinch her!
Ok, I know these guys aren't witches, they're nutcrackers and sort of rare. I found them many years ago at a specialty decorating wholesale place that's no longer in business. Man, I miss that joint! Well, thanks for visiting some of my ladies. I actually have another one I missed and dearly love too, just have to wait until next year I guess! Have a happy Halloween and maybe take a witch to lunch or invite one over for dinner this week! (I'm available anytime!)


Donna Starkey said...

VERY clever...which witch fits in with your new wallpaper???? I've been there and have never seen that many witches!! Witch accounts for which of your hidden assets...cleverness, a bewitching sense of humor,...ohhh I could go on and on....
Cute BLOG!!!

Christina said...

Hi Kathy! I love the witches! They are so cute! So, what's this story of how your friend Donna saved Casey's life? I didn't know that! I don't think Casey knew that! You have to send it to me, so I can inform my posterity! Oh, and so I can put in on the blog! hehe Take care up there in Ohio!

Amy and Craig said...

i love the new halloweenie blog! it's fun to visit all your ladies (although if you take that sentence out of context it makes it sound like you run a brothel! hee hee!)