Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bring on the fall fun!

We ventured out today to Malabar Farm, it's a working farm that's actually a state park. They do alot of conservation things and it's a neat place to visit even if there isn't an event going on! There were reenactors from the both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War as well as many demos and craft booths. Not to mention the food booths. Well, I could mention kettle corn, apple butter, roasted cinnamon nuts, homemade rootbeer....Ok, I'll stop!
They look deep in conversation. The reenactors were awesome, alot of cool looking uniforms.

This is a fun way to tour the area! We actually walked however, being the pioneers that we are.

This pic is for Midge, she loves a man in uniform.
Read his sign, maybe he should run for President! butter, Looks like way too much work, but smells great!
These guys sure beat the gas prices! (unless you're standing behind them)
I want this tepee for our backyard...Please???

We can't go anywhere that Jack doesn't meet people he knows. He met Daryl when he served in the civil war and Al when he fought the Indians....just kiddding! Indians didn't wear sunglasses did they??? We actually met Santa Claus from Home Hardware also but I didn't take his picture, I didn't want to blow Santa's cover... Jack really does know these characters...really!!
It was a fun, fall, cool, overcast kinda day..The outdoor campfires made everything smell great and we enjoyed the walk around the area. I love this time of year!


Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig.....I'll admit, Dad does know just about everyone in Ohio. It doesn't surprise me he knows all those characters. Amy and I miss the fall festivities in Ohio. It's just not the same in South Carolina!

Donna Starkey said...

Really good pictures of a fun time!!! I wish we had thought of it! We went on the boat today for a pretty Fall wonder you weren't home when we called you to come with us...looks like you had more fun!!!!

Amy and Craig said...

makes me wish we were closer so we could have come up for that! maybe next year.

Midge said...

Looks like fun...hey is the picture for me the guys in uniform or the hunched over guy in uniform?? Also as I was scanning down the pictures, the one with horse looks like those 2 people are on it but riding do know how to seek out adventure, wish Indiana didn't exist....we could have made it there...

yaya said...

Amy and Craig: There was alot more stuff this year than the times you guys went with us. Next year will be great! Midge: Hey, take your pic, however I was refering to the younger looking guys! You'd kill the old dude!