Thursday, September 18, 2008

Take me to the fair!

Jack suggested a date night to the Ashland County Fair.."Great!" I said, with visions of funnel cakes, onion rings, and cobbler dancing in my head. The weather was perfect, nice and cool. (of course I forgot to bring a jacket) We saw many nice folks we know and visited all the regular hot spots: hobby barn, homemakers displays, merchant buildings, animal barns, agricultural barn. Oh, did I mention food booths? It always smells so good out there! We walked around for a couple of hours, then headed for home, all fat and sassy and full of fair food. Upon walking in the house and Jack checking for any messages on the phone, I suddenly remembered I was suppose to lead a book discussion at Enrichment night! What a loser I am! I owe someone an apology. I can't believe I forgot. Actually I can believe it, I'm me after all. Well, here are some pics of our fun date. (Atleast it was fun before I forgot I should have been somewhere else)
This sign just made me smile...Everyone loves our hog butts! Awesome

Of course, there is always the odd and curious veggie display...I can figure out the top one, but the next one? What do you think?

This will make a great Jack-o-lantern!(no I didn't grow it, darn)

Now Jack, you can't buy that nice cow...poor thing, it's headed for turk brothers (cow heaven)

Here I am standing in line at the funnel cake booth...oops, silly me! That's a horse's _ _ _.

The oxen were a big draw this year...."what you lookin' at?" Thanks for coming to fair with me!
P.S. I'm really sorry I forgot about Enrichment night, truly I am......


Donna Starkey said...

So funny!!! Thanks for making me laugh!!! Like your friend "Steve Ballmer" said ...good blogging!!!

Midge said...

You Crack me up....I knew that Jack was a good guy the first time I saw him standing at the front door, jeams, long overcoat, longest fro hair ever a huge smile and a flower in his hand. "I'm here to see Kathy", come on in this is gonna be good. He a good guy. I do recognize the horse's butt, have one just like that every morning when I look in the mirror. Your horse seems to be following me....fact or fiction?

Amy and Craig said...

Good times at the fair. Ashland really does have a nice fair. Maybe we'll come up for it next year. It's nice you had a nice time out BEFORE you remembered you were supposed to be somewhere else! If you guys are like our enrichment, they're just as happy to talk the whole time as have a discussion on a book.