Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Egg!

Today is Craig's birthday and I thought I would embarrass him by showing a few pics of his life. First here's me at his baby shower. He's the lump under the red shirt...then of course here's his first pic ever...awww, so cute...then there's the time he fell in the tub after his bath, poor thing! Then he and his bro Jack with their Mommo...Last but not least is his audition picture for the movie BIG...unfortunately Tom Hanks won over him...Well, Happy Birthday Craigie Eggie! Let's see....who's birthday is next???Oh yea, Jackie. This is going to be good!


Donna Starkey said...

Gee, were one hot momma!!!

Amy and Craig said...

Too true donna! I keep telling her that! Such cute egg pictures! I'm gonna see if I can save them from the blog, otherwise, I'll have to request a special email with picture attachments. Katie's 1st soccer game is tomorrow if you're free, it's not til noon!

Midge said...

I remember well....and you do look awful cute.....I remember thinking that Craig was attached to your hip, I see he really did have legs.