Thursday, September 18, 2008

fact or fiction?

These are hedge apples......cute huh??

First: This is fact....My hubby is awesome! Thanks Jack for the cute flowers in the pumpkin. Very festive and a nice surprise to find when I got home from work.

Now for the fiction: Do hedge apples really keep spiders away? I get some almost every fall and place them in the basement. I think that it keep the spiders away, but I'm taking a poll....Yes? or No? You decide....I'll let you know for sure if I don't see any spiders this fall and winter.


Donna Starkey said...

Hey, I took the ones Tina gave me and hid them all over the house...behind things, I HATE spiders! ...hope they don't make the dogs sick!

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig.....I think they do keep spiders away. Even if they don't, it's always good to believe in something!

Amy and Craig said...

really pretty flowers! i love the fall motif!