Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend in Chicago

We went to Chicago this past weekend and Jack and I were able to visit my brother Phil's new house. We love it! It's in the cutest little town called Morris and it's on the Ill. river. It's an hour from Mom's and very country indeed! It's Phil and Bonnie's little piece of heaven after a busy work day in the city. We definitely have pole barn envy. It's huge inside and part of it has an office that house 2 very lucky cats with their own TV room! There's a "man room" complete with pool table.. The inside of the house is lovely and the sun room is a place I would never leave. We took a tour of downtown Morris but I left my camera at the house, so no pics...It's a very busy old fashion downtown with cute shops and people actually shop there without going to a strip mall or big shopping center. We had a yummy lunch and then on to icecream at the neatest little icecream and candy shop. I was so mad that I had left the camera. Thanks Phil and Bonnie for the fun Saturday complete with tour of your boat too! We'll be back! (just a warning)

Sorry this pic is sidewase... Jack and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on Sunday so we went to church with Mom at the church we were married in. Or as we called it: going back to the scene of the crime! Time sure goes fast, but I've loved every minute of it...Happy anniversary babe!


Donna Starkey said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!! The pole barn looks more like a BIG barn though...who wouldn't envy that? Morris sounds like a charming place...I think I'd love it! Happy Anniversary!! We missed you at the "Friend's Picnic!"

Phil Arends said...

Kathy: Happy Anniversary! 34 years WOW! It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone. I look at pictures of Tom & Melissa from your wedding and they have children that are much older than they were in those pictures. As I said in the email the visit was great because as much fun as the chaos of holidays is there sometimes is little time to actually visit. The door is always open out here so I will take you up on the return visit. By the way we can leave the door open out here because except for an occasional stray cat, hungry coyote, or a run away black angus steer running around in your back yard there aren't any unwanted visitors.