Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trail Blazers and Red Roses

Last week flew by and as usual I was busy working, doing Church duties, and working around the house, inside and out. Life isn't always a bed of roses but when I came home from work breathing a big sigh of relief and saying TGIF....Jack had this lovely vase of roses waiting for me on the table. The sad thing was I was so involved in dumping my purse, lunch bag, grabbing the mail, that I didn't even notice them at first. I was flapping my jaws about one thing and another and Jack just stood there listening patiently. I finally noticed these beauties. Yep, it was a long week but I need to stop and smell the roses more often...or atleast notice when a wonderful husband takes the time to get me some! Thanks Babe!
Today Donna and I decided we would take a walk in this fairly new trail near Freer Field. It's where the balloon fest is held each year. I didn't know volunteers had made paths and cleared trees and brush and also built bridges over the creek that runs through the area for people to enjoy as a city park. Donna wasn't sure how she would feel taking a walk but she did great. We walked for over an hour and enjoyed this wooded area. I'm glad we gave it a go and learned a new spot to enjoy in our small town.
There were different paths we could take. I think all of them intersected eventually. Some spots were a bit confusing when the trail narrowed and big trees had fallen and blocked the way. We did have a couple of dead fall that we had to climb over. Pretty amusing...those were shots I should have taken! Donna grabbed a nice branch for a walking stick and we headed out.
The day was perfect for a walk in the woods. We've had nice cool and not humid days. In the shade of the trees and the pine needle covered walkways it was very quiet and relaxing. Well it was quiet if you ignore the fact that Donna and I talked non-stop. Are you surprised? If you are then you don't know us!
One of the first things we came across was this weird "Jabba The Hut" looking thing. Donna and I looked at it trying to figure out if it was a rock, dirt, an alien?
The mystery was explained when we walked around "Jabba" and realized it was the roots of a fallen tree...a huge fallen tree! I guess a job as an outdoor guide is not an option.
We crossed a couple of bridges. This one was really nicely made. I thought the area would make a great place for photo moments like high school senior pics or weddings.
This dry creek bed was very pretty with all the stones and fallen trees.
The issue we did have was toward the end when we got a little turned around. Some of the trails were not as kept up as this one. OK, I'll admit it...we got lost. But we hacked our way through the brush and made it to the field where our cars were parked. I think we need to go back but perhaps a few bread crumbs should be thrown in the path to find our way back. I'd hate for the police to have to come looking for a couple of old broads lost in the woods!


PoetessWug said...

You guys are more adventurous than me. A fallen tree...and I'm outta there! LOL You would have had me at '!' ^_^

acorn hollow said...

ahhhh isn't it nice that husband was listening about your week and did something special? It always makes me feel so much better.
So glad to hear that Donna is feeling well enough for a hour walk.and it looks like a lovely walk.

Julia said...

How nice that you and Donna had a long walk in the woods together and talked your big hearts out. I'm so glad that Donna was strong enough for such a long walk. Just imagine how nice it will be when the leaves are changing colors and falling on the path.
I'm glad that you found your way back to the cars.

I have no sense of direction what so ever and always get turned around in the woods and everywhere else.

Your husband is very thoughtful to get you a nice bouquet of red roses and he also stood there listening about what you had to say about your busy day. What a perfect way to end your day.
Hugs, JB

Cheltz said...

What a thoughtful, patient husband! I love being outside in the fall in the Midwest (finally free from the heat!). Walks with friends are a pleasure!

Judi said...

Your husband is a keeper! And so is your dear friend, Donna...
Glad you take time to smell the roses, literally and in every way.

Stacy Crawford said...

Love the flowers. Jack needs to give Kyle lessons when the kids are gone.

That was a neat trail. We are going to have to try it sometime soon.

Hilary said...

You have some very wonderful people in your life.. and of course, so do they.

Nonnie said...

Wonderful blessings. Thoughtful husband and time spent with a dear friend. Every time you post pics of your walks, I am so envious that you have such beautiful places to go for a walk.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Lol I can just see you ranting and raving and then discovering the Roses. They are beautiful and so sweet of hubby but girl you so deserve them.
Glad you and Donna were able to get out and enjoy mother nature for a change. I am sure it was good for both of you. Donna must be doing really good to walk around that long.
I think of you both every day wondering how you are doing.
Was thinking while reading this that I would of got lost out there. hahaha
Glad you found your way back to us

Sue said...

I'm glad you and Donna had such a good day together.


selvageedge said...

That looks like a nice trail. I need to get details on where the trailhead is, since that is so close to me and would be a nice change to the sidewalks. And I'll have to get Jack to give Tom the details on where to get those beautiful flowers. :)