Monday, September 24, 2012

Touching Base With Family

As I mentioned in the previous post, Jack and I  headed out on Friday afternoon to Chicago to visit family. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but we have to go through Indiana to get to Illinois..and it always has the worst weather. Usually rain, except when it's snowing. You can see from this pic, Friday was no exception.
When we were closer to our destination, the weather started to improve. The rest of the weekend was cold, but sunny and very nice.

I bet if you've been to Chicago  you did not get excited by going to a grocery store. Sorry,  I was excited by going to this grocery store. Why? Well,  you can't tell by this pic, but it was ginormous! If they didn't carry it, you don't need it. There were so many sections of this store it was mind boggling.  Organic, any ethnicity, any cheese, meat...well, here are a few pics to show you.  Jack like telling everyone I got kicked out of here. Not true! I was just asked told to not take any photos.  I wondered why..was the produce on the witness protection program? Did the meat counter have something to hide? Anyway, I had taken all the ones I wanted by then. (Imagine me with my tongue sticking out at the mean man!)

Even Mom gets excited by big grocery stores! The apple doesn't fall too far from this tree!
One last example of the fun things you could buy.  I took many more pics but now I feel guilty so I'll go on to other things we did.
The whole trip was really about seeing family. We went to my Nephew's daughter's 1st. birthday party.
We met up with my brother Greg and his wife Deidra, here with Mom.  My brother just had major bowel surgery 2 weeks ago and I wanted to check up on his recovery.  He's doing fabulous! Everything went great and it was wonderful to see him and spend time catching up.  Really, we just did alot of visiting with my nieces and nephew and their families and saw their new homes, shopped with Mom at my favorite shopping center. (Donna will know which one!)  I was trying to take some pics there but the other camera I had with me quit working.  Besides, I didn't want to get thrown out of any more stores...I mean, get asked not to take any more pictures.  One of the other reasons I wanted to go home to visit was to see my Sister.  She's been having some health issues and prayers will be needed for her.  We're not sure what exactly she'll be dealing with until after a biopsy of a lymph node.  I'm hoping it's nothing, but the tests results so far have been a little scary. I was glad we had time to talk and laugh and cry and just be together.
We were getting ready to leave this morning and my Sister's dog, Sophie was very sad to see Jack go. He always makes a fuss over her, takes her for extra walks and even get her special treats. I think she looks pathetic here...poor Sophie..he'll be back, I promise!

Since I started this post with a traffic pic, I'll end with one. We headed out early for home this morning.  The traffic going to Chicago was bumper to bumper, but as you can see the road to Indiana was empty.  That should tell you something about that state. Actually, most of Indiana is lovely and I don't want to offend any Hoosiers out there!  I just wish it wasn't between Ohio and my family...It would make these trips so much faster!


selvageedge said...

Did you tell the grocery person that you were just going to blog about their fantastic produce? They probably thought you were from their competition, trying to copy them or something. It does look like a fun store. We Ashlanders can only dream. :)

Julia said...

I wonder why they don't like pictures taken in their big store. The same thing happened to me at a Walmart . I was taking pictures of my nephew and his new bride and they took a picture of me holding two tricycles for the twins and we were told, no pictures allowed please.

I'm sorry about your sister's health issues and your brother's recent surgery. I hope that they will both be well. Not knowing is the worst because we always imagine the worst.

Sending some prayers for both of them for courage and healing.


Cheltz said...

I nice grocery store can be a lot of fun! Crazy they didn't want you taking pictures ...

PoetessWug said...

We have HUGE SUPER markets here...all over the place. I use to be able to drop off my dry cleaning while I was shopping in one of them. LOL It's like taking an adventure when you go shopping!...Keep good eyes on your sister and brother. But, of course, I really didn't have to tell you that, did I?!...Your photos made me think about my family there in Chicago. :-]

rosaria williams said...

Ah, I know that excitement of landing at a great store! We visit our daughter at least once a month, three hours away, and enjoy both great restaurants and great stores.
The travel in winter can be a bit hard, but the results are worth it!
Hope your sister's situation improves soon.

acorn hollow said...

that produce looks like you take one and they all come rolling out.
they may have thought you were a supermarket spy.
glad you had a good trip. prayers for your sister.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yaya dear, I love your pictures. Names of places I doubt seriously I will ever live to see. Makes me sad but my husband, this one, does not like travel unless it is on an airplane to Maine where he was born. Ah was just nice to see those signs...somehow made the places more real or some such thing.
Thank you for your very sweet comment on my post.

Nonnie said...

I love big grocery stores too and, here in Texas, Whole Foods is my favorite to explore. Aaaahhh. So wonderful! I understand the thing about travel, too. Wish we all lived closer together so visits could be more frequent. Sorry about your brother and sister's health problem, but glad you
r brother is doing well. Your Mom looks terrific! I have never visited Chicago.

Kim said...

I love going into grocery stores when I travel. Lol I don't know why, but glad to know I'm not alone.
Sorry your family is having some health issues. I will pray all is OK with future test results.

karen said...

Now I'm curious: what store was it? It almost looked like a Whole Foods Market.
I hope your sister heath improves and that her prognosis is good. I'm sure you were a comfort to her, and I'll remember her in prayers.
Looks like a wonderful time with family, all in all.

Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up with the good work! :)


Sandi said...

It seems from the comments that it is almost universal that we love grocery stores! I do, too! I like farmer's markets even more. Maybe I just love good food!
Great pictures, while you were able!

Darlene said...

It sounds like you had a very busy but satisfying visit with your family. It is too bad that Indiana slows you up so much. Dick is a Hoosier, but I am not too fond of Indiana either. I hate the weather. You just never know what it is going to be like.

Those were intresting pictures you took at the SUPER market. I can't imagine why they didn't want you to take pictures.

I'm so sorry your sister is having health problems. We will definitely remember her in our prayers. Also, very happy your brother's surgery turned out well.

I loved the picture of your mom. I am still hoping to meet her next year. I'm sure we would really like each other. You ought to get her to start a blog.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my I can not imagine why you could not take pic's in a grocery store. Something to do with their competitors you can be sure.
Wish you did not have to travel through another state to visit your family I know that is a hardship especially if you have bad weather a lot of times.
My prayers are starting now for you dear Sister. I do hope her test come back better than you are anticipating.
Please keep us informed and I will hold you both up in my prayers.
Take care honey
Love ya

Annmarie Pipa said...

food shopping is an addiction of mine...just gotta do it everyday...
hope your travels are all safe
and best of luck to your sister, sending prayers from Pa.

Christina said...

Prayers for your sister!

Mrs Catch said...

Saying prayers for your sister. I really hope she gets some good news soon. We are travelling too. New Zealand is quiet with not so many cars as Chicage.. And very, very green. There should be a colour named after the grass!

becky said...

Gee, no shooting in a grocery store? I thought the rule was that if it was in a public place, photography was OK. But, I guess a grocery store isn't a public place?
Glad you had time for your family and I surely don't envy you the weather it took to get there...Chicago, (Illnois in general) is rough going and Indiana is often called the "armpit of America"

Kay G. said...

They made you stop taking photos at the grocery store because Chicago must have made some dirty deals to get the best apples in the country and they don't want the poor folks (like me) in Georgia to find out! HAHA (Or could that really be true? Hmmm.)
That photo of that sweet dog! Precious, it makes me want to go to Chicago just to pet that dog! (And I have more than Indiana to get through to get there!)
Glad you had a nice visit with family!

Bonnie said...

One of Mr. A's favorite things to do when we travel is visit grocery stores. He gets so excited to grocery shop outside of our normal area. We always have to pack extra coolers so we can bring home meat and stuff. I thought it was weird the first time he did it, but now I understand.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Donna said...

Yes, I certainly know which mall...drool.

Glad you had a good time and that the health concerns seem to be going the right direction.

As for the grocery store...double drool.