Monday, September 17, 2012

Country Tradition

The county fair is this week. We usually head over atleast once to grab some fair food and see the exhibits and talk to old friends. That's also usually done on Friday of fair week. (Our big date night!) But we're going to Chicago this weekend and we'll be gone on Friday. So the weather looked like tonight would be the best night to go. It was pleasantly warm and breezy. Perfect fair weather!
We always run into many people we know..but guess who was the first one we saw? Yep, Donna herself trying to sneak on a child's ride...Hey, get a ticket!
Ok, she did have this little monster with her....I like your face painting Bryden!
For the first time ever...I've lived in Ashland for 35yrs...I entered something in the fair. Some photos. I was pleased to see I took 4th place in two categories. I wasn't expecting to win anything, but it was fun to enter and I love the little ribbons! I couldn't find one of my entries though. I did find one that sure looked like mine but it had someone Else's' name on it. Hmmmm....not sure but I'm going to check it out again. These were the two that won.

A good reason to go to the fair is for some really "bad for you" food. We sort of bombed out though this year. This sandwich wasn't very good...the onion rings weren't bad, but the strawberry shake was horrible and had to dumped...I should have stuck by my old reliables...greasy fries and apple dumplings. Thank goodness there's always next year!

We always have to stop at this building. It has the fruits, veggies and other farm this maple syrup section. It also has a few other oddities that always make me laugh.
That will make a ton of pie or one big momma jack-o-lantern!
When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin? When it's Nemo.
Please tell me this didn't grow in someones garden.
I get the judging of fruits, veggies, and other farm crops...But I didn't realize they had a category for dressed up cement geese. Only in rural America.
Darth Vader Goose? I love his light saber..or should I say bubble wand saber? Too funny!
I really did have to laugh at this....seriously, they won first place!
The rides looked very colorful at night.
I told Jack that if I went up on this ride I could get some cool pics. Once he quit laughing he said "OH YEAH! I can see you up there shaking like crazy trying to take a shot! Hahahaha! I hate it when he's right....I'm not fond of heights, spinning, leg dangling a million miles above the earth, and fair rides that are put together by God only knows who...I'll stick to ground shots.
A big wave goodbye from Gorilla girl! Hope you enjoyed our county fair!


joanne said...

our fair is going on now too...I live just close enough to be able to hear some of the fun but far enough that I don't smell the food...that would kill me. I love fair food! Congrats on your ribbons, I think that's a great way to get your photos out there. Wish I would have thought of it...;j

Donna said...

Yes, congrats on your should have gotten many more! Someone elses name on your picture?

Loved all the hobby shots. You and your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh.

It was a nice night and it looked like you and Jack were having a great date. If you went on that lighted ride, well, more power to you! It was poor Brydens bedtime but he noticed some of the lights before we left and wanted to wIt for the rest. I asked if he had a good time. He said "well, actually, ...yes".( I about fainted.) And so we did too.

PoetessWug said...

Oh how I miss county fairs! Being a Georgia girl, I've been to y fair share of county fairs in my life! "The Big E"...HUGE!...fair that's going on in our area right now, has the feel of a county fair, but on a much larger scale..By the way, cool dressed up cheese! LOL

Julia said...

I'm glad that you spottied Donna getting on the kid ride with Bryden. He looks so cute with his kitty painted face.
Congratulations on winning two ribbons for your photography. Someone goofed up and put someone else's name on your photograph? That's a bummer....

The cement goose are a riot.

In our city we have what is called an Exhibition the first weekend in September. I used to love to go and since I've been so busy I haven't gone for years.
I just don't like crowds anymore and the noise. I'm getting old I think... We used to have our cows on exhibit years ago but it was labor intensive to have someone stay there and all the preparation etc.

Have a fun trip. Hugs

Hilary said...

Looks like such a fun day. Those ducks are a hoot!

Stacy Crawford said...

It sure is fun seeing those ribbons and then checking out the ones that beat you.

I love the fair.

karen said...

We didn't get to ours this year, so I enjoyed seeing yours! I agree - one of the best parts is the junk food. Deep fried anything and everything! Congrats on your photos, and do go back and make sure someone didn't poach your work.

acorn hollow said...

I love the fair and have entered a rug or two in my time. 4th is good.
It was nice to see Donna out and about with the kiddos.

Sandi said...

You like a lot of the same things as I do. I especially enjoy the amateur photography and art work. Your photos looked great!

There is just something about going to the fair that we never outgrow, isn't there?

selvageedge said...

We were at the fair last night too, and we searched for your entries, but since I didn't know what they looked liked, we failed to find them. Congratulations on your ribbons. :)

Nonnie said...

Congratulations on your winning photos. They were both great and the little boy is adorable. I could feel the cool evening and smell the smells associated with the fair just looking at the pictures you shared. The ducks were fun. I never heard of us a thing. Have a nice trip this weekend.

Kim said...

Oh, Fair Food is the best. (Except for what you tried - Sorry) Donna and Bryden looked great.
Way to go on the winning photos!!

Cheltz said...

We always talk about going to the fair and then never end up going. I wonder what our problem is -- it looks delightful!

Judi said...

Kathy, I read your blogs every day but can't always comment as I do so on my IPad- and haven't figured out all the bugs yet! (Yes, I am "of that age" where technology wins out over my baby boomer brain most of the time)
But I am on my PC now and can let you know how much I enjoyed the Ashland Fair blog!!! I missed going this year, but through your pictures and words I felt like I didn't. Thank you and keep up the good work!