Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hello February

I have a rule of thumb that goes like this:  "Shortest line, longest wait".  I'm sure you've experienced it.  You're in a hurry and  so happy to see a line with just one person in it.   You rush up, put your one item on the counter and.....wait, wait, wait.  Yep, they're the one with the "problem".  Coupons that have expired, no price on the item, credit/debit card won't work, gift card is empty, etc.  Well, that's how I feel about February.  Shortest month, longest wait, worst weather, etc, etc, etc.  It's snowing outside as I type this up.  I was surprised to see it coming down so fast and heavy as I let the Chubbs out for his final run.   When you look at the weather reports they tell you zip.  They have no idea what's going to happen.  Since the groundhog/rodent saw his shadow I guess we're gong to have to wait until March for that never happened before.  Besides, I know in Pennsylvania it was sunny for old Phil, here in Ohio it was cloudy.  So, I'm ready for this short month. Which brings me to  my next topic about being prepared.   My sister and I were talking about the Zombie Apocalypse.  (No, I don't believe we're going to have one.  Geeze!) Anyway, we were talking about being prepared.   I was excited to send her a pic of some of our food storage:
As long as I have chocolate pudding I'm good.   Then I mentioned I have a coat that Mom gave me when I was pregnant with my last kiddo...33 years ago!  Yes, I kept it because I have fond memories of my Mom wearing that fur coat and snuggling up against it in the car on cold days.  It's super warm and also super heavy.  My sister said I should wear it during these cold months.  My response was: "Are you kidding?  People around here believe in Bigfoot and if I were to wear the coat I could be shot!"  When Mom found out that I still had it she said:  "Why do you still have that thing?"  "Because Mom, you gave it to me!"  MOM:  "Well, I don't want it back! Get rid of it.  Give it to a tall person."   ME:  " What? Why a tall person?"   Anyway, after having a good laugh over the whole Zombie thing and old coat thing I had Jack snap a pic to send to them.   I put on Jack's hat just to complete the look.  So hand over the chocolate pudding and the fur coat...I'm ready for any apocalypse!
Yep, I kind of get why I need to give this to a tall person...thanks Mom.


joeh said...

Good analogy if the short line.

acorn hollow said...

you look like you are ready for anything.

Julia said...

Hahaha, you're such a funny girl... You look like a pretty Canadian or Canuck on a cold day.
I can see some beautiful teddy bears made up with that long fur coat. If you want to get rid of it, send it my way. I'll pay for the postage, lol.

Why wait for the Apocalypse to enjoy your chocolate pudding? Eat it now before someone else eats it. lol.

It's raining here still and our driveway is a sheet of ice. I firmly believe Spring isn't that far away. Hang in there.
Stay safe and happy.
Hugs, Julia

Karen said...

This post was too funny! It was like I was there and totally could understand where your coming from on what you said. So many times I make a decision about a line or what lane to drive in only to be left in the slower line or lane. I'm with you on this short month. I am ready for warmer weather and I don't even live where it is snowing. Best wishes from N.C.!

Kay G. said...

Give to a tall person! Your Mom is so funny, like her daughter! LOL!
I will be okay with Zombies around, I am so pale, I will just stagger around and they will think I am one of THEM! HA!

gin said...

I enjoyed this!

Linda said...

What a beautiful coat! I love it, but I'm a shortie! Chocolate pudding! Yum!

selvageedge said...

Nice food storage. I hope you have the rest of the dirty dessert ingredients hiding somewhere in there too in case there is a potluck at the zombie apocalypse. ☺