Friday, February 23, 2018

A New Day

I found this sign today in the hospital gift shop.  I thought it was a good one for the computer room.  It's here I write my little ditties for the blog.  Now I realize that the meaning of this sign is more about having a fresh start in life each day,  but I'm taking it more literally and gearing it to blogging.  As February comes to a close in a few days I looked back at my first attempts at blogging.  It was a leap year in 2008 and that was my first post.   I didn't have followers.  I didn't even know anything about "followers".  I was writing for my family and it seemed like a good way to keep a bit of a journal.  Back then many of my family members were bloggers also and it was a good way to share stories and photos.  Now most have gone to just Facebook or other social media.   I've kept it up for these past 10 years and my family asked me to continue.   It comes in handy when we want to know who was at what function or how something was celebrated or how the weather was during that year.   I like to look back at my old posts to see if the weather patterns were similar.   Pretty much the same!  It's the wet season now with our yard soggy as heck and the temps that rise and fall like a bouncing ball.  It was 71 on Tuesday but by Thursday it was cold and icy and even snow in some areas.  Today was 60! Hard to keep up and know what to wear.  Pretty close to what it was 10 years ago.   Sometimes I'm asked about blogging and most folks say they couldn't do it because they would have nothing to write about.  Facebook is easier because it's just a quick note and photo.  But I tell them that everyone has a story.   I remember a lesson I had on keeping a journal many years ago.  There was a journal that only had 10 entries in it.  But even those few entries gave you an insight into the person that wrote it .  What a shame that it stopped there.  I have letters written by my Dad to my Mom that cover most of WWII.   They give me a look at a young man and woman, not married yet, but so in love who weathered the worst of times.  My Dad was a good writer and I sure wish he had kept a journal.   He died before any of my kids had the chance to know him.  They would have loved him.  His birthday is in February...the 18th...he would have been 98 this year.  I think of him every day.   So I'll continue to write my little stories down even though they seem a bit redundant over the years. It's good to have some things stay the same.  But seeing  how the kids have changed, grown and what new paths they are on does change quickly.  So I'll give tribute to family that has passed and celebrate with those still here and share it through blogging.   Thanks for taking the time to read it!


gin said...

Keep up the blogging, your family will appreciate it in the end. "In the end, we'll all become stories" - Margaret Atwood.
I'm in a lull as I have not blogged in 2 months. My heart wants to, but I'm brain dead. If I could stay off facebook stalking, I would have a life, haha.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

That's a pretty new header picture, dear friend! You've been blogging a little longer than I have. I'm very thankful that you have pledged to keep going. It is a pleasure to watch your wonderful family grow, to see them enjoying games, sports and hobbies and attending family gatherings. It is also a thrill to see old pictures of you and your sister, your mom and dad, Jack and his side of the family, your brothers, your kiddos and grandkiddos. Of course, seeing pics of your dogs is another big draw. It will soon be five years since we lost our Toto.

I was going to quit blogging at the end of 2010. How foolish I was thinking I had run out of things to write about. In the years since 2010 I have been able to introduce a number of interesting and important people, tell their stories and report major news developments relevant to my theme. I wish your dad was still alive so that you could elicit stories of his youth and the WWII years and share them on your blog the way Kathleen Schneider tells her mother Margaret's stories on mine. Your dad would be 98 this year. My mother would be 100 next month. I will be posting a special tribute to her and I know you will want to check it out.

I remember how the temperature up north seesaws at this time of year. There are slush puddles and mud everywhere and the roads will soon yield a new crop of potholes.

I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

I love your blog as you know. I will keep blogging until you and I are the only blogs left

Julia said...

Oh Yaya, I always love to read your blog and I always find your good humour refreshing I just would love to know you in person. I miss those who have stopped blogging although I haven't blogged much lately. I think that losing my oldest daughter Nicole has really knocked the wind in my sail. It's been a very tough year for me.

It's not that I don't have lots of blogging stuff, it just seems like repetitions to me. I don't see the grandkids and great grandkids as much as I'm always on the go and everyone is so busy.

I love going back and reading my old posts and it just goes to show how quickly the time goes. We can literaly see the kids grow before our eyes when we look at the old blog posts.

Take cars sweet blogger friend. HUgs, Julia

Kay G. said...

Yes, please do keep blogging! I enjoy hearing about you and your family and your part of the world! :-)