Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day...Yesterday

I'm a blogging slacker these days.  Just not much happening at the old Pines.  Even Valentine's Day didn't have a whole lot of blog worthiness.  So, did you do a big Valentine dinner?  Flowers? Candy?  Jack got me a lovely gift card to one of my favorite little shops  and I got him some of his favorite snacks.  We then had a romantic run to Home Depot to check on a water softener.  I hope I'm not making anyone jealous here, but it was fun.  Maybe it's the smell of fresh lumber or the orange aprons everyone is wearing..I just like the place.  Afterwards we had to  make a big decision about dinner.  When Jack came home from work on  Tuesday he asked what we were having for dinner.  I said I grilled steaks.  His reply was: "Weren't the steaks for Valentine's Day?"   Every Saturday we make out a menu for the following week and then do the grocery shopping.   It works out great and I usually never have to go to the store during the week and I always know what's for dinner.  My reply:  "Nope, it's on the menu for tonight. "  He was good with that and we did enjoy a tastey dinner on Tuesday.  So Valentine's day ended up being a burger from Burger King!  Fine by me.  I'm a burger kind of gal!  I looked back at my post from last year and guess what we had for a Valentine's day dinner in 2017?   Burgers! Ha! I'm thinking a tradition has been born!   But for today I decided I really needed to do a blog post and I would just go into my camera and put any pics up I had on the memory card.   Here goes:
Chubbs and I were taking a little walk in the Creepy Woods the other day and this deer gave us the stare down.  It started to move toward me and I decided to move out!  Made the Creepy Woods live up to it's name!
This cutie was hanging around the bird feeder.   Do you know what it is?  I don't , so let me know.   My final pics were of some selfies.   I was thinking of changing my profile pic.
All I could think of when this popped up was....this chickie needs some chap stick!  Hope your Valentine's day was full of love and maybe some burgers!


acorn hollow said...

A downy woodpecker! Love your new selfie.
your valentines sounds just fine to me. Just being together.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm back from my month long blogging break, dear friend, and very happy to drop in and visit you at the Pines. Thank you for leaving a comment on my site while I was gone.

You are looking better than ever, YaYa! It warms my heart to know that you and Jack enjoy such a deep rapport. You are a lucky couple, dear friend. Mrs. Shady and I didn't do anything special for V-Day because she was at work, but we just now returned from a nice dinner at Bonefish Grill. Do you have those restaurants in Ohio, Ashland?

I appreciate the shots you got of wildlife in the Creepy Woods. I wonder why the deer started moving toward you. Could it be that he is tame and used to being fed by humans? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someday you will spot the elusive, reclusive you know what and take his picture. Maybe Chubbs will flush him from his den on one of your walks, affording you a photo op.

I will have my first new post in a month tomorrow morning, and in it I will bring you GREAT NEWS! I invite you to join me. Take care, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

A downey woodpecker, very interesting little fellows.

Kay G. said...

Yes, your other commenters are is a Downy Woodpecker! Lovely bird, it loves our suet feeder!
I made Richard some Rice Krispie Treats EXCEPT...I used Corn Chex (they are gluten free) AND I put some candied cherries on top, they are like something from a bakery! I am not kidding, they are fantastic! Gee, I might even let HIM have some of them! HA!!

Julia said...

I knew it was a woodpecker but I didn't know it was a downy woodpecker. They are pretty noisy when they drill holes in trees for worms. It's a wonder they don't get a headache.

If I remember correctly, we had pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and butternut squash. I also had ice cream with sour cherries and peanuts. I had some red wine and my husband had tea. No romantic chocolates, flowers or cards.

Nice shot of that deer in your creepy woods. Happy Belated Valentines.
Hugs, Julia

gin said...

You did have a great Valentines doing what you enjoy. We went to the nearest restaurant to us which is about 18 miles, a seafood/steak restaurant. We've only eaten there twice before. It was nice. Then we went straight home. Everyday is Valentines Day at our age, since we can eat and do anything we want any day of the week together. Your selfie is cute. I had a new photo shoot by one of my grands (you can imagine shots from a 5 year old photographer) and I'm thinking of posting my new shots too. Now we wait for spring.

Rick Watson said...

We actually had steak for Valentines Day. We both wound up only eating half so we put leftovers in the fridge and had them for lunch the following day.
Love the wildlife photos.