Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scary Tales!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I can't believe October is over..almost.  I've lived in Ashland since 1977 and all that time I can't remember the city ever having Trick or Treat on October 31st.  They always do it the Thursday before Halloween...for some reason that I've never had anyone explain to me. Anyway, this year since Halloween fell on a Thursday they decided to have it tonight.  However, Mother Nature had other plans.  It's been raining all day and evening, along with gusty high winds.  So they moved Trick or Treat to Saturday.  Jack and I decided to go to Mansfield, about 20 miles from home, to shop at Sam's Club and then grab some dinner.  However,  Mother Nature had a "trick" for us!  As we were filling up the gas tank after shopping, the gusty wind grabbed the door of the Jeep and broke it! (Sounds like a great beginning for a horror story!) It was also raining!  Well, after many tries at getting the door to close we finally had to tie it shut.  Those crazy  Boy Scout knots really come in handy.  We nixed the dinner plans and headed for home.  Now we have to get the door repaired. Hopefully that won't take forever or cost us an arm and a this one I found next to my car in the Hospital Employee parking lot:
I came around the car to get in and almost had a heart attack! Then I couldn't stop laughing! Boo to me!  To keep in the spirit of the season one of the girls hung this guy up in the window of Operating Room 2:
We did a Laparoscopic Gall Bladder and when the lights went out he lit up! His mouth moved was very funny and fun.  We do know how to celebrate in our own crazy way and still take great care of our patients.  Oh....I should mention that our decorated pumpkin won 3rd place...we were happy although we think ours was "THE BEST"!  It was a day filled with junk food, laughter, contests and also work.  I thought Dr. M was so tired from all the fun he needed to sit down right on the floor...
His back was hurting...Hey, I know a really good Chiropractor...just sayin'!  When I got home I tried to get a pic of the nasty weather:
It looks like a bomb is's just my flash.  But you can see all the rain drops. Then I was trying to take a shot of my Japanese Maple tree and I caught something "paranormal":
Yes, an "orb".....every scary tale needs a ghost and here's mine.  Sort of lame...but it's the best I can do.  Happy Halloween!


acorn hollow said...

we are raining too. but trick or treat was tonight.

Shady Del Knight said...

Happy Halloween, dear YaYa! I finished handing out candy at 9 pm. Approximately 225 kids came to my door for trick-or-treat. It was a little on the warm side but we didn't have a single drop of rain. I'm sorry you guys had such wicked weather. I read that three states were postponing trick-or-treat activities because of the storms.

Looks like there's Halloween mischief "afoot" in the Hospital Employee parking lot! I gather your coworkers are fond of "gallows humor," same as mine were when I worked in a television newsroom. The news staff and crew used gallows humor to cope with the grim realities that we faced in our jobs every day.

I do believe your camera captured a ghostly orb in the last picture. However, I think you're wrong about the second from last pic. That explosion of light wasn't your flash going off. It was the orb mother ship using Whispering Pines as a landing strip. :)

I hope Eddy had a nice Halloween. For the first time since 1998 I didn't have Toto sitting in the front window all evening barking at the kids in their costumes. I missed that.

I wish you a happy Friday and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend YaYa!

selvageedge said...

I'm glad they rescheduled trick-or-treat, because there was no way I was taking my kiddos out in this storm. They are still working on their candy from the ward party anyway. Too bad about your car door, that was a nasty trick!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... got one the REAL orbs it looks like. They are all over my home but I've gotten used to them. Some are HUGE!

Cindy said...

Those feet slammed into trunks get me every time! Don't know whether to laugh or cry!? We've never had trick or treating changed for weather... Hmmm... It rained here all day, too. I only had one of my kids go out this year. Finally starting to end that era! Your tree (and orb) look nice!

Sue said...

Hope the weather is better for the kids on Saturday. And it made me laugh to see that someone left you such a lovely surprise for your car.

As for having the door blow off, that is some pretty crazy weather that can do that!



Julia said...

Halloween or not, you are a hoot of a girl Yaya. I'm sorry about the Jeep door breaking off like that. They just don't make stuff to last anymore.

I would have probably screamed if I saw a leg hanging out of a trunk, lol.

Thanks for letting me know about the scarf arriving in the tiny envelope.
It took long to get there and must have been all scrunched up... I was starting to think that it was stolen along the way.

Have a Happy Weekend.

Kim said...

I saw one of those "feet" the other day. I had to look twice before I giggled.

rosaria williams said...

It looks to me that once people get in the swing of things, nature does too.

Hilary said...

Too bad about the car door. You folks sure do know how to have fun.. no matter the occasion.