Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thunder, Lightning..and Baseball!

When you've had a nice weekend, Monday mornings can be rough. Personally, I don't mind them but yesterday when I headed out the thunder and lightning and torrential rains did too! The hospital employee lot is 1/4 mile from the hospital. We're not allowed to park on campus or even on the public street. That's OK..I like a brisk walk in the morning. But heading over with my personal lightning rod (aka:umbrella) in my hand gives me cause to pause! This is a pic taken out the window of my car. Where I was safe..dry..not fried to a crisp. But I decided maybe if I got shocked it would give me super powers. I'd be able to resist chocolate, run marathons, hike mountains without oxygen..I jumped out of the car, put up the umbrella and sloshed into work. No super powers were aquired...only wet sneakers and lunch tote. Oh well, there's always tomorrow...we're having a very wet Summer!
Speaking of Summer, my Grandkiddo Summer had a softball tournament game that evening.I'm glad I got to see her play for the first time this season. Her games don't always coordinate with my schedule. But after the rain yesterday I wasn't sure Summer would get to play. But the sky cleared up and the field was good so she headed out for the team's first tournament game.She's such a cutiepie.. #12..same as her age..don't think that was planned.
Look at that perfect batter stance...She got a hit every time at bat. Not bad for a first time player. You go girl!
In the end, Summer's team creamed the other team 19-6...but what really matters is letting your little brother sit on your lap while waiting your turn on the field. What a good big Sis you are Summer! (you can hardly see Cameron, but he's on her lap)


Crawford Family said...

Too bad about the super powers, maybe you should try radio-active spiders....
I'm glad Summer is playing softball, I loved playing.

Catch the Kids said...

The super powers paragraph made me laugh. We'd all be standing out there, wiggling our umbrellas.

Rose said...

i hide my super powers and bring them out when i .....?

Donna said...

I like Rose's comment...me too...no super powers. Don't mind the walk to work in the summer either but the winter...yuck!!!!

Karen Whittal said...

You already have a whole load of super powers my friend..... I just cannot see you in a batman, spiderman, cat woman suit....... keep safe.

Christina said...

She IS a good big sister! They have cool softball uniforms. Speaking of chocolate and super powers I would want to be able to eat all the chocolate I want and not gain a pound! hehe

CHERI said...

We love watching our grandson play ball each spring...reminds me of watching his daddy on up through high school! Send us some of that rain!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You honey are too funny but please promise me the next time you will just be late for work. Your so right about the umbrella it is deadly and not many people realize it. I had a neice find out the hard way.
But only you could think of the positive side of the strike super powers. Gosh could we all use some of those at different times in our lifes.
So happy you were able to see your #12 play. You sound like me trying to see my grandbabies do their thing. Living in another town does not help.
Her stance is perfect. Who has been coaching this beautiful young lady. She could be like my great neice now who is playing for some big tournment in Florida and she lives here in Texas. She I think is around 12 and boy can she pitch.
One thing we all know in this family she did not get it from her Aunt Maggie
Love ya