Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexy at 60!

I wanted to celebrate Donna Starkey's birthday in a special way since it was her big 60. Hard to believe because she sure looks good! That's why I had a theme of sexy at 60 for her birthday carry-in at work. Everyone brought food and really out did themselves. We had a ton of yummies and fun. Donna and I are related thru our hubbies...Jack and Larry are cousins once removed, or something on their family tree, but it brought Donna and I together as we both worked in surgery and found out we had tons of other things in preemie babies, parents that lived only 10min. from each other in Chicago, and we really are more like sisters. She's a talented artist and jewelry maker too. I made this funny card with candy bars. We've made a bunch of these together in the past, but I don't think she's ever had one done for her. They are fun to make and everyone loves the candy part! She has a blog too: it's on my side bar if you want to see more pics of today. Hope you had a great day Donna!>
Everyone that brought food named it something "sexy"...All the names were hilarious. This actually is the name of this cake. I've made it before. Now, whether it's better than sex, well, you might have to try it out for yourself. No comment from the peanut gallery.
I really did have to laugh when I read this one...especially since it was a broccoli salad and that might not make a romantic evening after chowing that down!
Donna really wants to hug me, but hey...she's sterile here and I'm not!
When I looked at this photo it reminded me of the million times we have taken a pic together with our surgery garb on. Donna has one on her locker when we were both preggo with our last kid! We have some standing in front of new surgery equipment. Goofy ones with Docs that were leaving for greener pastures or with our coworkers on any given day. Time is a gift and so are good friends and our families. Even our work families can bring happiness and joy into our lives if we let them. Thanks for being such a good friend to me Donna, and Happy Birthday one more time!


Phil and Amanda said...

Did Becky make that Better than sex cake!? I rememebr Amber making that for me in high school. lol! Love the poster!

Donna said...

It was a GREAT birthday, thanks to YOU!! Hey, did you notice in that last pic that I have a "star" on my forehead and you don't??(glare from the eyeshield) I think it's my Indian mark! Or star for Star-key!! Ha! Thanks again...I owe you one...or two...or three.

Rose said...

i never heard of this cake i must live in a cave.