Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm In A Jam

I'm in a jam all right...and I'm loving it! Our raspberry bushes have been "berry, berry" good to us this year!
I've made some lovely jam and it's pretty tastey too...and pretty looking...even if I do say so myself !  Then, as if that wasn't enough, my hydrangea bush is going "bloomin' crazy"!
These all came from the same bush...some pink, some's my bi-polar hydrangea. I made a big vase full and also this little one...big or little..gotta love 'em!
To make my day even more perfect....Eddy got a makeover...OK, he just went to the groomer and was cleaned, shined, buffed, mani...or is it a pedi?, and de-shedded. He looks marvelous darling and smells marvi too!
I had to dangle a piece of pizza crust to get him to look at me..he's shy like that. He was made all pretty just in time for the arrival of my niece, Amy...her hubby Eric...their daughter Ella..(almost 2yrs.old) and their son, Parker..5 months old.  Things will be hopping at the Pines this weekend! Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, but that won't stop us from finding great places to visit and on Sunday we're having the rest of my gang over for a cookout...the weather on Sunday is calling for sun...very cool for this time of year, (it was in the 40's this morning!)  but I'll take sun no matter what! Here's just a peek at the little tornado, Ella, who found the spare bedroom prime for jumping on the bed!
One last note...I'm kind of embarrassed to even tell this sad tale.  I threw my back out. Yep, the wife of a Chiropractor walks with a bit of a tilt.  Jack did his magic yesterday and I was much better today...but it's still a bit sore. Working in the ortho room today and lifting all the heavy instruments and patients didn't help. I also noticed that I drop things much more when my back hurts. Go figure!   I need more treatments..and tender loving care...and someone else to cook this weekend...OK, I'm pushing it here.  Now I really am in a jam!  Wait, does that sentence sound weird to you? "am in a jam"...never mind.


Sweet Tea said...

Obviously you have no time to coddle a sore back - great that you live with your Doc. Have a great weekend. It sounds PERFECT. Hide the jam, or you guests my eat it all!!

PoetessWug said...

Sorry about your back, Yaya. But I think with a resident Chiropractor'll be fine! ^_^ As to the jam, do you deliver?! I haven't had any good homemade jam in a while!! It looks delicious!! :-) Have a good weekend. But take it at a tilt! LOL

Shady Del Knight said...

"Blogging has been berry berry good to me!" - Shady Del Knight

Shady's humor must be rubbing off on you, dear YaYa. In this post you engaged in as much word play as this punster from Punnsylvania. I love your sense of humor!

Your blooming hydrangea displays brought back childhood memories. My mother used to harvest them from bursting bushes around our property and arrange them inside the house as you did in yours. Lovely!

Mrs. Shady spent a couple of recent weekends canning all sorts of preserves. These pictures of your jams make my mouth water.

I scratched the screen and sniffed... hoping to breathe in that glorious scent - not of your hydrangeas or jams - but of freshly bathed Eddy! :) I'm sure he's one happy pooch to be all cleaned up and pretty just in time for weekend festivities. (Is he entering your annual hot dog eating contest?)

I hope Ella is the only tornado that visits your home this season. She's a cutie!

I'm terribly sorry to learn that your back is aching, dear YaYa. It does seem like we drop things 100X as often when it hurts to bend over. You should get yourself one of those extendable grabbers, yes?

This has been fun as always, dear friend. Have a safe and happy weekend and enjoy your family get-togethers.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Your jam looks delish. I would like to try my hand at that someday. Monday, I'll be canning tomatoes. They are so yummy. Love, love hydrangeas and yours are beautiful. Hope your back feels better soon. Have a great weekend get together with your family.

Julia said...

Everything looks good at your place. The jam looks good and delicious, the dog looks good and charming, the hydrangea blooms looks good inviting and the kiddo looks good and precious.
So sorry that you messed up your back.

I bet that your private chiropractor will have you all fixed up in no time. Speedy recovery Yaya, and I hope that you'll get some help in the kitchen just to give your back some chance to rest and heal.

Enjoy your company.

Stacy Crawford said...

I hope you have some kitchen help this weekend. I hope Jack gets you all fixed up too.

Have fun with all your guests.

Nonnie said...

Berry, berry good! Haha! Lots of pretties to look at on your post today with the jam, hydrangeas, your Eddy (that pic of him in your car was great), and precious Ella.
You have a big weekend lined up and hope your back will be much, much better.
Lucky you with a chiropractor husband.
40's? Unbelievable.

rosaria williams said...

Ouch! Get some help, young lady, and get your rest. Superwoman needs a chance to catch some zzzz's.

acorn hollow said...

So glad husband was able to help the back I did mine for the first time this year it is better now thank goodness. Looks like a busy weekend ahead for you the flowers and jam look wonderful

Becky Jerdee said...

You're just the cutest, Kathy! So funny. Loved this little tale of pretty things and wonderful happenings at the Pines. Have a fab weekend!!!

Kim said...

Eddy is looking good. I love it when Millie comes home from the beauty parlor. Sorry about your back but it must be nice to have an in-house chiro treatment :)
Now I'm dreaming of spreading homemade jam on fresh warm bread.

Cindy said...

Yum! Good thing I don't live close or I would park by your raspberry bushes!! Love the Hydrangeas, too!! Keep that hubby handy and feel better soon!


The jars of jam look lovely and red raspberries is my favorite berry. Yum.
With a piece of toast ----.
Sorry about the back. Not fun. Hubby has back problems and they really can put you down. Good luck with healing!
We have company coming this evening as well. Youngest daughter, her husband and the four kiddies. Cannot wait. Usually I'm thrilled when they get here and often thrilled when they leave. AND sooo tired.
Have a great week end.


Ah forgot to mention the hydrangeas which are simply beautiful. Food for the soul. Blessings.

selvageedge said...

That jam sounds yummy! Hope your hubby gets that back tuned up for you quickly. Have fun with your family!

Scriptor Senex said...

Hope the back is better. At least you don't have to go far to get seen to!

Your blog appears in my sidebar with a little version of your first picture attached. With my eyesight it looked like a set of drums and I thought - Wow Kathy's been jamming it on the drums!

gin said...

Goodness, your life is full. Enjoy your weekend and hope your back is on the mends.

Rick Watson said...

I'm envious of your berries. I haven't found the right spot to plant them here. The last place I planted them, they were eaten by the deer.
Sounds like a fun weekend. Can't wait to see the photos.
Get to feeling better.

Hilary said...

Everything looks so beautiful but so sorry you hurt your back. Did it jam? ;)

Munir said...

Please don't over work your back.
The jam looks yummy.
The Hydrangeas are very pretty ! Enjoy !

In My Wild Eden said...

I hope your back is better soon. Sounds like you don't have time to lay back. It's awesome that you are married to someone who can help. Your jam is beautiful!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

:) YOU are just too darned cute!

What a cutie there jumping on the bed! I remember doing that as a child..yep, fun.

I'm sorry about your back..I really am. Trying to work with something like that can't be any fun. How handy to have a man around the house that can handle that sort of thing.
They used to say you had to "work it out" but now they know that resting muscles is the way to go.

Be careful with all that Jammin' can be addictive.
Did you know our bakery is called "Jammin' Bread" Honest! :)

Sue said...

Eddy looks wonderful. And so does your jam.

Get that back well!