Monday, July 15, 2013

A Walk On The Quiet Side

Today I had a "low census" day..the surgery schedule was light and our hospital is on a tight budget so we are asked to take these days every so often. I enjoy having them on a Monday or Friday for a long weekend...I don't enjoy having the no pay day on the old paycheck!  Oh well, taking advantage of this time I decided to head out for a drive this morning. I finished my chores, grabbed Eddy the boxer and headed for some excitement...
Eddy does like a good car ride every now and then!  Where did we end up? Hope this doesn't bum you out or give you the creeps, but we went here:
Yep, the cemetery. I felt I needed to visit Jack's Mom, Dad and brother.  After visiting here, we took a little walk around the cemetery.  I like cemeteries..just thought I'd mention that! I think it's a great place to walk and think and if you have a lovely one like we do here in Ashland, you'd like to take a quiet walk there too.
The day was turning into a hot and humid one so I was glad we visited in the morning. So many interesting grave markers....old ones:
Graves of little ones:
Beautiful sculptures:
And graves that need some TLC...this one looked a bit sad to me.
I know this was so exciting,  but after we were done here I was inspired by a blog post I read this morning from my good buddy Tom at  Shady Dell Music and Memories.  He was showcasing music from the summer of 1961 and talking about going to the public his post, it's pretty funny. I decided since our public pool is just down the street from the cemetery I would head over there and check out what was happening.
We have a great city park system and Brookside park has alot to offer. A great pool for young and old.
You can't see it from here, but there's a sweet kiddie pool section for little ones and their Moms...a concession stand that we used to frequent when my guys were little buggers....a high dive...a low dive..a cool slide....a fun way to cool off.  It was a little early for much action, but as our temps neared 90 this afternoon, I'm betting it was rocking by then!
Brookside also has a great band shell. Every Sunday and Thursday night they have free concerts. Grab a seat or bring a blanket or chair and hit the grassy hills all around it and enjoy some good old fashioned free entertainment!  This Thursday will be a jazz concert and before it starts they are having a free jazz instructional for kids and I'm sure they will incorporate the kiddos into the act.
Of course you need pavilions to host parties....I've gone to many graduation, church socials and other events at this spot.  There's a pond for fishing, ball parks for softball and baseball, tennis courts and miniature golf...and the "Red Barn" kids always had to hit that joint before we could head still has penny candy and icecream..also a great place to cruise by and see who's just hanging out!  By this time Eddy was hot and tired..he doesn't do heat we got back in the car and took off for the Pines...but not before I saw this little sign that must have been left from a few days ago..
Whoever wrote this must have magical powers...because it's been sunny all weekend...Great way to spend my free day...thanks for visiting our park with me and Ed!


Hilary said...

Sounds like your day was well spent. I like graveyards also. There's so much history.. ummm.. buried there. ;)

Tammy Theriault said...

lots going on! tombstone are creepy yet beautiful

Sweet Tea said...

I always have such mixed feelings about graveyards. On the one hand I'm curious, always wondering about the people and the lives they lived and the people who loved them, then always saddened by the small graves of babies. Such is the circle of life, huh?! Glad you ended on a happy note showing the swimming pool and facilities. We have nothing like that in our town. You are so fortunate to be privy to all of that. Beautiful!!

Scriptor Senex said...

I love graveyards and, like you, I find them great places to think - about life or about little things, it doesn't matter - one can just think and not be disturbed.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! I know what you mean about cemeteries. Strolling through them and gazing at monuments old and new, large and small, simple and ornate, brings serenity, a "peaceful, easy feeling" as the Eagles sang.

Ashland, Ohio (or is it Ohio, Ashland?) looks like a clean and lovely town that still offers some of the same family friendly experiences that you and I enjoyed in our youth, the kind that foster a sense of community.

As a lover of all creatures, especially dogs, I'm delighted to see pictures of your handsome Eddy the boxer. (When I first glanced at picture #1 I thought Eddy was driving your car!)

Dear Kathleen, thank you very much for mentioning me in your post. I am extremely proud to be your "good buddy." I love to entertain you and bring some smiles, laughs and happiness to your days. I cherish our friendship!

PoetessWug said...

Great free day! :-) And your town sounds sorta like ours! We just got the list of all of the entertainment for the free concerts at the park every weekend through the summer....FUN TIMES!! :-] Although this heat wave we're having is not such fun times!!! Boooooo! Hissssss! ^_^ Enjoy your summer!

Julia said...

I like reading tombstones, especially the very old ones.
It is sad when graves are not well maintained.

Life is not all about money but it's sad when in this time of affluence the hospital has to cut back in order to save money.That means our society is out of balance.

I bet that your big furry companion was having a great time visiting the beautiful park with you.

I hope that the heat cools down. It's been unbearably too hot here too. Love the chalk sign.

Have a great day.

111 LaLa Lane said...

I love to visit cemeteries too. I mostly am on the hunt for ancestors, but they are so peaceful.

Stacy Crawford said...

We went swimming at mom's pool yesterday. It was so hot!

Kim said...

You are not alone. I love walking through graveyards too. Enjoy the rest of your day. Put some ice cubes in Eddy's water dish. Millie loves that.

Willow said...

Good morning for you and Eddy.
Our boxer Cricket doesn't do heat well either, our terriers take it in stride.
I find many cemetatries beautiful and peaceful ,sometimes a little sad to read sone died so young.

gin said...

I enjoyed your day. I visit my family cemetery quite often and also like seeing the different monuments and reading them. And the music/band area is a great place to go for a relaxing evening.

Nonnie said...

That was fun to go with you, and I especially like the pic of Eddy. :-) When we used to camp at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas every year, it was our tradition to visit the graveyard at a little church nearby. So interesting to read the gravestones and think about the possible stories of the people buried there. So sad to read the ones of all the ones who died so young.

You inspired me to check out local pools here to see about taking the grands to swim. We don't have a pool at our house where we live now and Grandpa and I aren't quite up to taking them to the big water park. A Big Thanks to you 'cause we found a great little splash park and a nice beach at the lake. :-)

Sue said...

I like cemeteries, too, the older the better. They are such peaceful, reverent places with so much love and history.


acorn hollow said...

Sounds like a good day. I too like the cemetery not sure why but when we go both david and I walk all through it, it is very well kept up.

Becky Jerdee said...

Glad you had such a nice day!

karen said...

What a beautiful afternoon! You and I are in similar circumstances - except you have a day here/day there off. I am facing 60 days off in a row starting next week! I hope to find some nice things to do just like you did. Lovely cemetery, by the way.

Kay G. said...

Great post! I love cemetaries too, so peaceful and serene, shhh...don't tell anyone, it will be our secret.
A band shell...I have never heard that term, but what a great idea and it is a beauty, the one that you have! When my son is a famous rock star, I will see if I can motivate him to start one in every town in America! You see how you inspire me?

Munir said...

Thank you for the tour of the cemetery, it is a peaceful reality.
Your day off seemed to have been a good experience visiting different places

Vicki Boster said...

I certainly can identify with the forced off days-- but it's been a long time since we've had to do that. It's no fun on the paycheck for sure. But--- it IS wonderful to have that surprise day off-- sort of makes it even more special:)


Cheltz said...

I also like graveyards. My grandma took us for walks in the one by her house all the time when I was little. I ate lunch in one when I lived in Switzerland, and we had one at the end of the street when we lived in St. Louis. It was a frequent destination.