Sunday, July 21, 2013

BOO!...Part Two!

In the previous post I talked about the July Ghost Haunt at Malabar Farms.
Malabar used to be the private residence of Louis it's a state park.
This gentleman in the hat gave us a long story about...well, himself actually....he's an author and is fascinated with the Celia Rose story..wrote a play about her. I learned her sad tale..her disturbed mind and her reason for poisoning her Mother, Father, and brother....all over a love interest. Julia, in the comment section of the previous post. described it perfectly!  He was a bit long winded...kind of like a blogger I know!  We went into the Celia Rose house and really saw and felt nothing unusual.  Here's a picture of my friend Shay in Celia's bedroom.
No ghosts here!  After the cemetery tour, we went back to the gift shop area and out back they had hot dogs, chips, drinks and a fire so we could make s'mores...the one thing my friend Becky was waiting for!
Getting ready to load the hot marshmellow on the graham cracker with a Hershey chocolate square..

She was happy!  After a lecture by the Central Ohio Paranormal Society (COPS) we finally were going to go into the "Big House"....where the Bromfield family lived.  I had taken a tour of the first floor on a few occasions, but really wanted to go upstairs and see the bedrooms and other areas of the house.  We were able to have free reign of the the dark of course....don't ask me why it had to be in the dark.  It must be to make it more spooky for humans, I don't think ghosts give a darn about whether it's dark or light!  Here are some shots..notice all the "orbs"....people get all excited about seeing  orbs of light in pictures.  They think..."spirits"!  I think...."Dust"!
Mr. Bromfield's office...loved all the books..and I loved this next picture.
This painting is hanging on the wall...Mr. B loved Boxers....the dogs, not the underwear....he has pictures and statues all over the home.  Gotta love a guy who loves this breed..the dog with the floppy ears in the pic looks like our little Eddy!
His wife Mary's bedroom...some people have claimed to get a strong smell of rose perfume in here.
Oh yeah...I was finally able to head up those lovely's a double staircase..very pretty!
One of their daughter's bedroom.  There are 7 bedrooms in the house, and each has a bath attached. I didn't see or smell anything weird on this floor, but I did feel weird...a disorienting, dizziness...Jack would claim that's not unusual for me..but I did feel like I needed to hang on to the walls for some reason. Didn't stop me from snooping around some more!
I mentioned in the previous post that Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married at Malabar Farm.
This was their room.  We asked if the beds were pushed together for them...nope! I guess the maid that worked there said she only ever had to make up one bed in the morning..hmmm....they must have been very skinny...those beds are small!
Articles, pictures of the wedding and this replica of their cake are in the diningroom.  It was a big deal back then..she was 20 (their marriage certificate is displayed there too...her real name was "Betty") and Bogey was 45...robbing the cradle I'd say!   The other thing about the house was the temperature was icy cold! We've had some hot and muggy days and nights and last night was no exception.  I guess they have a good cooling system because even the upstairs was very cold...or was it paranormal?  I decide! Finally, on my way out the kitchen door I saw this picure and laughed...He Bogey...what are you looking at buddy?
The house is undergoing a  $500,000 renovation of the outside and landscape.  It's going to be done by this fall and in September I'll go to the annual Heritage Days and see how it all looks.  It was a fun night and a great history lesson of an era of glam and glitz and farming...can't beat that!


Julia said...

Thanks for the interesting tour Yaya. You are such a brave girl to keep snooping when you felt weird. On the other hand, it can't be all that bad if you are going again.

A friend of a friend lives by herself in a haunted house where she said there has been sightings of a man in the hallway. I was there in that old house for a Christian Life Community meeting with our little group one winter night but didn't feel anything unusual. She said it's a friendly ghost and she is not afraid to be there alone.

I was just hoping that he didn't follow me home, bahhaha...


Shady Del Knight said...

Doggone, YaYa! Eddy should have gone along with you guys. He would have loved seeing those Boxers! Did you go off by yourself to explore the upstairs of that spook house? If you did you're braver than I. It's very odd, but I also get dizzy merely by looking at a picture of that daughter's bedroom. It must be the shape, the sloping roof line and the wallpaper pattern but the end result is that the room appears crooked or tilted, like one of those crazy rooms you walk through in a carnival fun house. I'm sure they keep it cold in the house to give visitors ghostly shivers. What fun this must have been!

Thanks for the tour and history lesson, dear friend YaYa, and have a safe and happy week ahead!

Barbara F. said...

I guess all those strange "lights" I see are just flashes from your camera. LOL Nice they had refreshments afterwards. xo

acorn hollow said...

Sounds like a really fun day. Not a fan of the s'mores to sweet.

gin said...

Good reporting from you. I enjoyed the tour with you.

Amy and Craig said...

sounds so fun! wish I coulda gone with you! After reading that you were going back for Heritage days this fall, I had a brain cloud moment and thought, "ah, maybe we should drive down and check it out". And then I remember, we are so much farther away now! :(

Donna said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for the memories! Another event to add to the ones we enjoy. Great post!

Becky Jerdee said...

Oh, that Bogey! looking, looking, looking :)
Fun story, Boo!

Willow said...

Clapping wildly ...loved all the info and the old pics ~ and you know, oh yes you know~ I loved those boxers ! :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Great fun. Didn't make me shiver though - I wonder why not!

In My Wild Eden said...

Interesting post. Your writing is so fun to read!

Sue said...

Interesting even without ghosts...

We will be making some s'mores ourselves tonight. We're at our Newport Beach family reunion and having a pretty great time.

No specters around though.


Kerri said...

I remember going on a school field trip to Malabar Farm when I was in elementary school. I would love to take Eric and Brady there sometime when we are in town...they both love history. I didn't know Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married there...also didn't realize he was that much older than her- yikes!

Stacy Crawford said...

so fascinating. I have nothing going on right now, not sure what to blog about

Hilary said...

What a cool post. It looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun. Though I suspect that fun follows you around.. not like a ghost would though. ;)