Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Grab That Snow Shovel

 I now can say our weather matches my header photo.  It's been a lovely stretch of nice weather for about a week.  It's been warm for us...50's and 60's.  No snow. I"m sure the ski resorts were unhappy. Today they got their wish.  The snow came down pretty hard this afternoon, looking blizzard like at times. But really it's only a few inches.
You'll have to click on this pic to get the full affect of the snow shower.
Here's the front of the house from my dining room window.  Hello winter, I was wondering when you'd get here. No worries....tomorrow could be 60 again! That's how we roll here in Ohio.
I can't blame this blurry shot on my camera. I was in a hurry to catch the snow accumulation on Arnie's back before he got his snack for going pee. He's not one to linger with a treat.  I guess I should be wondering why he gets a reward for doing his business outside since he does know that's where to go.  Oh well, life's short and that's especially true for dogs so go ahead Arnie and enjoy!


joeh said...

May be snow in Jersey this e=weekend, I don't mind, and like you, the ski resorts have their fingers crossed.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm so thankful your camera recently underwent a lens transplant at the hospital, because the pictures you took of the heavy snowfall are spectacular. They give us an excellent view from your windows on different sides of the house. Whenever I see a snow covered landscape with flakes coming down at a rapid clip, I get homesick. Your Ohio based blog always makes me feel like I am returning home.

I see Arnie came back into the house with a dusting of snow on his back. I hope he doesn't mind going pee in that kind of weather.

Yessum, I remember how the temperature seesaws through the weeks of winter up your way. Please remember that sidewalks and streets might become extra slippery due to layers of packed snow or ice. Be careful on the highways, byways and walkways.

Thank you very much for sharing your latest pictures and reports from The Pines. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Yay, you got your snow... You can have mine as well since I don't need it but I shouldn't complain. At least it's pretty.
It looks like Arnie is thinking, "Hurry up with that treat, Mommy". lol
Have a good weekend.
HUgs, Julia

betty said...

You did good with the picture of the snow on Arnie's back! That does look so pretty with the snow! Good that you had a nice few days before it too. Makes you hope that those nice weather days will come back again. Getting a treat to go outside in the cold is a good thing I think!


acorn hollow said...

Welcome to the club we are up to our knees in snow and now the deep freeze.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I just love a snow covered yard and puppy!!! My dog is big and black, and when the flakes start landing on him, it looks like a perfect starry night. I have tried to capture this in a photo, but so far no luck. I'll keep trying.

Enjoy your weekend!

CHERI said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how it is to live where it snows a lot. I have never been anywhere that had a lot of snow on the ground. It snows here in my part of GA just a tiny bit every few years it seems. When we do get an accumulation that covers the ground for any length of time (usually a few hours at most), we go ape crazy!!!:) It's beautiful but I probably wouldn't like living with it 24/7!

Christina said...

Wow that looks beautiful!! Send some our way, please? Just one snow is all we need. I never thought I would miss the snow, but your pictures make me miss it, for sure!

Susan Anderson said...

We've been having crazy rain here, with an even bigger storm predicted tomorrow. Hard to believe we were having a drought not one ago.