Sunday, October 28, 2012

T & T Part Dieux

To continue with my previous post I promised to show where I took that scary head...made from chocolate pound cake no less.  It was here at the Ashland County Conservation Farm. (sorry for the blurry pic). We had our Church Halloween social here. The weather was cold and rainy so I was again reminded why we chose not to host it at Whispering Pines this year.
The park-like setting was lovely.  There are a few ponds around and I wondered how that would go over with parents of little kiddos.  There were signs giving directions to what was and what was not allowed to happen with the Ponds.  For Example:
If you're a frog I suggest this would be a great place to live. If you're a frog hoping to be kissed by a princess and turned into a prince I would remind you that you must be a TOAD...not a frog for that to happen. However this is allowed:
I guess you can only fish for members of the conservation farm...just do it before the pond closes.
However, we weren't fishing for frogs or members.  We gathered in the big barn structure for food, socializing, costuming and some Halloween fun.
Everyone gathered at the tables.
This table was empty except for this pumpkin....Jack surmised it was the "Head Table"...He's so funny.
The ponds were an issue for parents. They seemed to think it might be a hazard to do "Trunk or Treat" after dark so near a few large ponds. Trunk or Treat is when you have all the cars lined up with their trunks open and pass out candy to the kidlets.  We had it indoors instead and all the adults stood behind a table and passed out candy to these kinds of trick or treaters
Chicken Little...or a little chicken...whatever!
Non fire breathing dragons....These are twins who belong to Vicki from the blog, The Selvage Edge . No matter if you dressed up or not, or just came to let your kids have a safe, fun place to go, we had a nice time last night. The food was good and so was the company.  Plus, I'm always pleased to learn something new each day. Yesterday I learned you can make roses out of tootsie rolls....Hey, if pound cake can turn into scary skeleton heads with worms coming out, then I guess roses out of candy can't be all bad! I think this is really the last Halloween post for 2012...Can't believe October is almost over. It's going to go out like a mad ghoul with no candy for Trick or Treat if Mother Nature has any say in it.  Good luck and prayers to all who are in the path of Hurricane included.  



rosaria williams said...

This year, I'm prepared for a stampede on Halloween. All students who came for cooking lessons told me to be ready!
I'll be dressed as Snow White's evil Step-Mother, the old hag that offered her poisoned apples! Ahhh!

Julia said...

Yaya, I think that your skull cake could have been suitable for the head table too. Yes, your husband is funny.

They had a kid Halloween party at the church here too but I didn't go because of work and being too busy. What a shame. I'm no fun at all am I!!!

I haven't put my Halloween decors out and since we are expecting the Storm I won't even bother this year. I can't believe that we are already at the end of


selvageedge said...

Thank you for getting pictures of my little chickybaby and dragon. I can't believe I forgot my camera. I should be fired from blogging. :(

I missed the cake too. It took me way too long to figure out that the desserts were in the kitchen. I'm a little slow. :)

Sue said...

I would have been a little uncomfortable with trunk or treat outside at night with ponds around myself. Better safe than sorry, and it looks like it was lots of fun anyway...


Kerri said...

Your husband is funny...and so are you. I bet you two are a fun couple to be around!!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

That look like great fun! the costumes are just so cute ;-) We have got all our halloween festivities to come on Wednesday. Love your blog, I found you through 2 Bags Full 'grow your blog' event and I am now your newest follower, Annie

Munir said...

Little chicken is cute and so is the dragon.
I hope that this year does not get ruined for kids on ??Halloween. It would not be fair.

Nonnie said...

Your husband is funny - I like the "head table." Chocolate pound cake with worms coming out of it? How did I miss that? The kiddos are so cute and looks like everybody had fun. Our church is doing trunk or treat on Wednesday night. Prayers for you.

Sweet Tea said...

Gesh, when and how did I get so behind reading your blog? I know, why am I asking you. Anyway, I've enjoyed scrolling back through your blog and catching up. Now you do Halloween BIG. I love the chocolate skull cake. LOL!! And the pumpkin carving party looks like such fun and it really makes me miss my Grands. I don't know how you work and still do all the thongs you do. You need to give me some lessons!! Sure hope that nasy storm leaves you alone. Please update us when you can.

karen said...

Thank goodness for trunk or treat, huh? My daughter and her kids went to theirs, and it's a good thing, because Halloween in Massachusetts will probably be very rainy! Love your scary head cake - very nice work!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just checking on you to see if you guys are okay.
Love these pics.
You always have the best post. I love coming by to see what your doing.

Christina said...

That looks so super fun! I love the tootsie roll rose, too. It was so good to see you!