Thursday, October 18, 2012

Carving Out Some Time For Fun

Last night my Grandkiddos and their parents came over to do a little pumpkin carving and enjoy a meal together.  I had the house decorated in a few of my favorite things:
My new "Spooky" sign in the kitchen.
 The kitchen fireplace mantel.
 A few cute trick or treaters.
Perhaps a spot of herb tea?
One of the new Halloween plates my daughter-in-law Amy gave me for babysitting. Love them!
I made some stew and biscuits, cinnamon applesauce and a variety of other things to fill us all up before the carving was to start. I didn't take any pics of the food...rare for me...but  I did catch one of the plates!
Perfect for a Chiropractor don't you think?

Then it was outside to clean out the pumpkins...a real "goo" fest!
The dark settled in so we moved indoors to complete the carving.
With the parents's my daughter-in-law Amanda with our little Lexi deciding on a bat for her pumpkin.

The results were pretty good!
After all the pumpkins were done the funny glasses YaYa provided...and a few vampire teeth....rounded out the evening.  The little ones also played outside in the dark with some glow sticks.
 Summer, you need your teeth realigned and I hate to mention it, but you're also out of focus!
Addy, even with crazy eyes, you are a diva! It was a fun evening.  Here's just a small example of the goo fest:


selvageedge said...

You are such an awesome grandma! I love the crazy glasses, but I have to agree with Addy about the pumpkin guts... eeewy!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Ok..I love your are sooo into the spirit of Halloween.
But...I just love your blog all spiffed up for Halloween too. I have NO clue how to do all that..but I love seeing others all decked out..
(ok, to be honest I am downright envious! :)

acorn hollow said...

what great memories being made there.
Looks like so much fun.

becky said...

Ha, ha, lotsa fun at your house. LOVE the Bone Appetit plate!!!

Julia said...

I love your pumpkin carving party. My daughter does that at her house with her 4 kids. What fun.
Great decor for Halloween and the funny glasses are just too much. Love those froggy eyes on the little Diva. So cute.

Great plates to serve eye balls on. I want to come to your house....

Darlene said...

Oh my, I think it is amazing that you get into Halloween so completely!! Amazing and wonderul!! Not having any kiddos around here to carve pumpkins or celebrate in any way, we just don't do a thing. In fact, the last three years we have gone over to some friends of ours who live in a retirement commnunity which is gated and they have absolutely no trick or treaters. We did this because it was getting awful answering the door and giving out those little fun size chocolate bars. They are getting so darned expensive and they must bus load kids in here because we have no children at all in our neighborhood. We usually have a few early ones, most little ones that come with a parent from about 5:00 until 6:00 and then we turn off the lights and take off. It is still fun to see the little ones come, but I still don't know where they heck they come from.

All those pumpkins you had there!! What fun everyone had, I'm sure. They are almost $4.00 each here, so I am interested in knowing how much you had to pay for them there. It is almost too bad that your big event is not taking place at your house. Those creepy woods would make a perfect place to be. But, I surely can undertand why you wouldn't want to do all that work, because I'm sure you did a lot of decorating, so it would be work before the event and then all that mess to clean up afterwards.

I really loved reading your blog today and the video was downright charming!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow I love your evening with the babies. Sitting here a tad jealous. lol
What a fun time and your home is decorated so wonderful for the big day.
Your kiddos are adorable. Love everything about this post.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love ya

Sue said...

You are such a fun grandma!


arrielle_p said...

You have a lovely Halloween decor in there. Beautiful photos with families. I already done decorating my manila condominiums for Halloween. :)