Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soccer Or Football?

Saturday morning we braved a 28de temp to watch our Grandson Cameron play soccer. He's five, has asthma and many allergies. But he's no slouch when running up and down the field. With all the mold and dead leaves in our area this time of year it was hard on him.  His inhaler is his best friend.  It was great to see he never lost a big smile, played great, and made us laugh as we watched these little guys learn the rules.  I wish all teams had their sportsmanship. The best part? We were a few minutes late and when he saw us walking to the field he stopped playing and ran off the field to greet us! So sweet and also very cute. Here's some of his "moves"...
The "I'm ready guys" move..
The "I've got this one" move..
The "Wooohooo, hop in the air" fav by the way!
A pose with Paw Paw move.
A smile for Mom move. Good job Cam-Man!

Then it was on to breakfast for Jack and I....
Hot cocoa for me to ward off the chill of the morning.
A southern breakfast extravaganza for Jack...he only ate half of was huge!
All I can say about mine was...I ate the whole thing....burp..

Sunday afternoon we went to Anthony's 5th grade football game. I thought it was strange to have a school game on a Sunday, but it was fun to watch him play in their last game of the season. He's the one facing the camera....I wonder if he knew I was taking it???
His big sis Summer (with little bro Cameron) sat and enjoyed the food as well as the game!
He's # 52
I couldn't resist a pic of the trees behind the school....very fall looking!
Good job Anthony! They won and were undefeated for the season! Last year he broke his arm after the first game so he was a happy camper to be able to finish this year without any trouble!


Cheltz said...

Watching 5 yr olds play soccer is always a good time! And I think a school game on Sunday is weird too. Will they be like that all season?

acorn hollow said...

what a fun weekend! wow that is some breakfast that will keep your energy up for days.

Cindy said...

Glad to know others were freezing watching football and soccer...we were doing same in Michigan! Obviously it meant a lot to the kids to have you there -- good for you!

selvageedge said...

You are such a good grandma! Too bad that game wasn't a little later in the day on Saturday. :)

becky said...

Whoa! Quite the weekend! Loved your comment...I ate the whole thing, burp. I laughed out loud :)

rosaria williams said...

Oh, what fun to watch kids and grandkids play! I miss those days, though the weather sometimes did worry me.

Julia said...

Watching your grandson playing football can sure work up an appetite on grandparents. Good for you for not wasting a good breakfast, burp...

Great shots of your grandson action shots. Precious memories. It looks cold and the little guys are going with short sleeves, tough little guys.

Your comment on my blog made me laugh yesterday when I need it. Thanks

Hugs., JB

Donna said...

Looks like it was a real sports kind of weekend. I was thinking of last year when we went to Brookside Park's craft show.
The boys look adorable in their sport's attire. Good job guys!!
As for the food....I have breakfast envy!!!

Nonnie said...

28 degrees??? When your grandson comes off the field to greet you, I guess that will take the chill off any day. I think the PawPaw pic is my favorite, but I like the woohoo pic too. Congratulations to Anthony on finishing out the season!

karen said...

This brought me right back to the soccer and football games of my kids. I miss those days and am hoping I'll be able to one day catch some of my grandkids' games. I want to go to breakfast with you and Jack - you seem to appreciate a good breakfast as much as I do!

Sue said...

What a fun weekend! Cute kids, as always. And the breakfast looks delish!


Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing post!!
If you want, we can follow each other!! let me know!


Stacy Crawford said...

Great soccer shots. I still have to say watching football is my favorite. Dakota would have been a natural soccer player if we had nurtured that talent all along.

I'm glad Anthony had no injuries this season, it can be a brutal sport. Maybe Mapleton will turn their losing season's around once he and his teammates get to the high school level.

Darlene said...

I loved this blog. I am so jealous that you can take and post such great pictures. I'll never be able to though.

That little five year old Cameron did really well at playing soccer. I thought it was sweet though that he ran off the field when he saw you coming, just to say hello. Five year olds are so darling. I'm sure the soccer is good for him, even with his asthma. Some exercise is a must. I have learned that. I have my asthma under such good control though. I take Advair morning and night and it does the trick.

What a goodlooking player number 52 is. Isn't it fun to go to the kids games while they are growing up? I used to love going to all my son's football games. His number was 74 and he was a good player too. They won first place in their Pop Warner league. Your Anthony is really a handsome lad. I know I said that before, but I just had to repeat that one.

Oh, and I loved the picture you took of the fall leaves. I do miss that about where we live. No such pretty pictures for us, but we do love living here anyway.

Those breakfast you guys ate look so yummy. I can't imagine Jack wasting any of his. I couldn't quite tell what he was having, but I must say, yours looked wonderful and I'm not a bit surprised you ate all of it. Golly, it's making me hungry just thinking about it and it is almost ten o'clock p.m. here and yes, I did eat dinner, but feel like I could eat a whole breakfast right now.

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Yes, Dick and are Freshmen groupies and I can't imagine our ever missing another convention as long as I can travel. We had such a totally great time, even though it was a bit tiring for this old lady.
And yes, your Eddy did remind me of Winnie. I don't know if Eddy barks as much as Winnie does though. She hates whenever anyone leaves the house. She will watch out the window for such a long time. She is allowed on all the furniture and it was such a surprise to see her on the couch so much.It is an big corner shaped one and quite large and she surely managed to walk over it many times a day.

It's sp good to be back though and I won't need to go anywhere for a long long time.

Kay G. said...

What handsome boys! And big sis Summer is so pretty too.
You know when you said you ate that whole big breakfast, you are a girl after my heart, you know that!
Also,my nephew has had severe asthma his whole life. He is 12 now, and he is a fantastic soccer player! Just wanted to let you know that!
Hope you enjoy this wonderful autumn season. xx