Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Tricks..Just Treats

The treat this week would have been to get my blogging done....The trick was time was not in my favor! But here's a peek at what we've been up too. First, we went over to my Son Jack's house and had a nice dinner on Thursday.  The Thursday before Halloween is always when our community does it's Trick or Treating.  That will prove to be a great move because we are expecting some of that "Frankenstorm" to hit our area on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing in showers and probably a little snow.  But Thursday was the nicest day I can remember for Trick or Treat. In the 70's and super sunny and nice. The kids donned their scary costumes:   Ninja Cameron:
 Scary something Anthony:
I think this will be Anthony's last year for this so I was glad we stopped by.  After we were done there I had to get home to finish up my baking for our Relay For Life bake sale. I made a nice batch of breads, cupcakes and some bat cookies.
I love those batty cookies! I usually make these as icecream sandwiches..but I just put frosting on the inside for the bake sale.  I think we did pretty good.  I was looking forward to Saturday...sleeping in, making my contributions for the annual Church Halloween party and going to one of my favorite haunts (a little Halloweenie humor!).. The Parsley Pot.
It was the Christmas open house. I know it's only October, but they always have their open house the last weekend in October.  I found almost everything on sale.  They have warm cider, fun dips to try and a great atmosphere.  The owners know me pretty well since I live practically next door and they let me take some indoor pics for my blog.  Many shops won't let you take pics. Here's just a sneak peek at the inside: Click on the pic for a better view!
 The bottom pic is actually taken from the upper loft. There is another upper loft across the way. The Parsley Pot is celebrating 38yrs of business in this old barn. I've been going there since we've lived in Ashland (35yrs) and it's been alot of fun to see them expand their merchandise and move along with the times.
This house across the road from the barn is where the owners live...I just think it is so pretty!
Well, I'll stop blogging here for today. Tomorrow I'll tell you about where I took this little creation of mine:


Barbara F. said...

I'd love to go to that open house. Nice idea to have the kids go trick or treating early. We are preparing for Frankenstorm. Did all I can do, only thing left is to pray. xo

Cheltz said...

I grew up always seeing my grandparents on Halloween. We live too far from any grandparents to do that with my kids, and it's a little bit sad :(.

joanne said...

Cute little shoppe and how nice that it's close by.
Your little grands look pretty scary. I don't remember when mine stopped trick or treating but I do know that my son never like Halloween. Just yesterday he told me he hates Halloween and driving in has nothing to do with the other but I guess he just needed to get it out!
Looks like a pretty scary cake, I'm guessing you brought it to work. You all have a wicked sense of humour don't you!

Hilary said...

That cake looks great and so do the grands. You are so creative. I love the way you have fun.

Donna said...

Great pics of some of my favorite spots...your house and the PP. Have fun eating your cake!!!

Sue said...

I LOVE that parsley pot.

And you make the cutest treats ever. I want one of those bat cookies!!

(And the thought of them as ice cream sandwiches is pretty appealing, too...)


Julia said...

Oh Yaya, I love that scary skull cake with the blood shot eyes.... I'm sure it was a hit where ever you took it. To work, perhaps... love the worms on top.

Great pictures of the kids in costume and love the idea of having a Halloween Party for the kids on Thursday before Halloween. Christmas shop. Everything is so pretty.


selvageedge said...

Such scary trick-or-treaters! Yikes! Your cake looks awesome; makes me sad that I missed seeing it in person.

Kerri said...

Your breads are packaged so pretty! I bet they were a hit at your bake sale.
Our Halloween is scheduled for Wednesday...I'm wondering what will happen if we aren't able to have it because of the hurricane headed our way?