Sunday, October 21, 2012

Souper Weekend

Yes, I know how to spell SUPER...But we had more of a SOUPER weekend.  I called up a few sweet friends who said they'd love to come over for lunch today and I decided that a variety of soups would be the menu.  I started this on Saturday with a quick ride to the apple orchard.  Let's back this up....Saturday morning I came bounding (hahaha..if you believe I "bound" anywhere!) down to the kitchen to find a lovely arrangement waiting for me.  It was "Sweetest Day" and my Sweetie gave me these. Thanks Babe! Love them!  Then we headed out down the long and winding road:
And down the straight and narrow path:
A path lined with apple trees.
To a local apple orchard to pick out some delish eating and baking may be wondering what apples have to do with soup. Well, dessert is needed isn't it? I'll show you the finished product directly.
My diningroom filled up with some good people who filed in right after Church was over to talk, laugh and enjoy a quick lunch of 3 different soups: Spicy Tortellini soup (made by Jack..and it was yummy!), Vegetable Beef soup, and Broccoli Cheese soup:
Soup on it's own just doesn't cut it. Atleast not in my home! I make a braided cheese bread that went along with all the soups.
Can you smell the fresh baked goodness yet?
I threw in a tossed salad...get it? THREW A TOSSED SALAD? Never mind. I really just wanted to show you my fun Halloween salad tongs!
Then we topped off the meal with some old fashioned Apple Slices (Here's where the trip to the Orchard makes sense!)
You just have to have some homemade vanilla icecream to go with those Apple Slices right? Yep! Sweet ending to a fun meal.
Later in the day I took the dog and headed up to the Creepy Woods for a little walk. With the leaves falling quickly, it's not so "Creepy" this time of year.
It's more open and the leaves line the paths and crunch under foot and smell so "fallish".  Not a scent I think you'll find in any glade can!
It was a quiet time to sit and look up and realize how blessed we are.  And give thanks to the Heavens above for a most lovely and SUPER weekend.


Stacy Crawford said...

I really enjoyed the souper weekend. Thank you for a yummy lunch.

It was good to sit and laugh and just be. I need to do this a bit more often.

We enjoyed a the beautiful day later too. Thanks again for lunch!

Julia said...

Well Yaya, you're a Souper nice person to invite your friends over and to cook such a magnificent meal for them. It makes me want to come by to test your food and take part in the great conversation. You live well.

I envy the walk in the creepy wood too. I love walking in the fallen leaves.
I hope that the rest of the week is as super as your day was.

Donna said...

Good friends and great food...isn't that what life is all about?
Your food looks out of is world! That bread...yum! And the apple dessert...sitting here drooling. Thats because I know what kind of cook you are.
The pics of your walk are worthy of next years fair...beautiful!

P.s. Doesn't that Julia say it best??? Souper commentor!

PoetessWug said...

All of those soups sounded sooooo good!! Fall is the perfect time of year to "Soup-er" it up!!....That braided bread and apple slices would have had me rolling across your floor! LOL

Cheltz said...

Homemade soup, bread, apple slices AND ice cream?? Sounds like heaven!

rosaria williams said...

Three different soups, home-made bread and home-made dessert with hand-picked apples from local orchards? What a beautiful thing to do, and how lucky these friends are!

I can't wait to see what you conjure up for Halloween.

karen said...

What a great weekend - one of my favorite kinds! Your soups and cheesey bread and dessert all looked sooo delicious, it made me want to come and eat at your house, followed by a walk in the Creepy Woods.

Kim said...

Mmm, soups and cheesy bread sound so perfect for a fall weekend. The tortellini soup is making me hungry.
P.S. I did laugh at the salad joke ;)

selvageedge said...

That bread looked awesome. I want a tutorial for that one!

Munir said...

I would like the recipe for that cheesy bread please.
I like how you play with words.
Souper weekend sounds fun. Is it OK if I steal the word to have fun with my grandkids?

Darlene said...

Your souper weekend sounds so great that I am going to copy everything you did down to the last detail. BUT, you know that I will have to have ALL the recipes for everything! I hate to ask you to do this, because I know how busy you are, but PLEASE send them to me. That bread looks wonderful too........the first week after I get the recipes I will invite some of our friends over after church for this fabulous luncheon.

Always before, when I have had people over, it has been for dinner, but I think I am going to start having more lunch invites in the future. It just seems like it would be easier and less formal too.

I am so hungry just looking at those pictures that I can hardly wait. If you don't want to post them on your blog, send them to me by email......only not on Jack's. When you use his email address, I can't email you back on it. For some reason whenever I have tried (and sometimes I admit, I haven't even looked at which address you have used, I just automatically use the same one you did) But when I do that, it always comes back . It rejects me for some reason.

Those apples look really different too. They don't look like just plain sliced apples to me. They look like you have them mixed with something else before you baked them. I am so curious.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVED this post... I could almost smell the Fall in the air.
:) Hugs!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s Is there any of the wonderful soup left? Just thought I'd ask.. :)

becky said...

That forest looks like a cathedral, the way you photographed it :) My kinda place.

And I LOVE your salad tongs!
It all sounds super-duper!!! Two nights ago, I opened two cans of tomato soup and made grilled ham & cheese for a couple of our friends. Super-simple but fun, nevertheless!

Kay G. said...

What a wonderful post! I love that cheese bread with the soups, you are my kind of woman!
And throwing in that tossed salad, you are so funny.
I liked that walk in the woods, I really love big trees like that.

Sue said...

Wish I could have been there! It all looks so cozy and welcoming.


Nonnie said...

Your sweetie sounds like the sweetest! I love soup and the cheese braided bread. Those kind of things always look difficult to me (breads and pie). You guys are very fortunate to live in such beautiful surroundings. Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me.

vicki said...

Yaya- I could certainly love a party that's all about soup!! It's one of my favorite things in life. Great soup and home made bread-- sounds wonderful to me. The apple dessert looks pretty good too!