Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

 My time in Michigan with my Grandkiddos went fast and furious.  It's hard to fill in for Mom and Dad.  The kids were awesome.  They were eager to help me figure out all the "ins and outs" of their routines and we managed to have a little fun along the way.  Amy and Craig found a house.  They are hoping to get the OK from the owners to close the deal.  It's really be a stress on them, and especially for Amy who has been doing double duty as Mom and Dad while Craig has been working his new job out west. She's had to make sure their home stayed picture perfect for real estate showings and open houses. Not such an easy task with 3 kiddos to corral.  But with the closing coming up on their home and the movers coming next week, I think she can almost say "Mission accomplished" on her end.  I hope my being able to fill in for a few days was a help. I left Ohio with it's leaves changing rapidly in my backyard:
To get to their home:
The temps were very chilly most of the time I was there.  The weekend was rainy too...made it hard to play outdoors.  We managed to get a movie in on Saturday. If you get the chance to see "Hotel Transalvania", do it!  It was hilarious!  Here's a shot of frost on the grass...Crispy!
Katie and Taylor got up on time for school and we even made it to the bus stop with no delays or problems. Katie likes to travel to the bus on her own "wheels"!
The first day I took Sophie out for a walk on the nature trail that runs in their neighborhood. You take this beautiful path:
Add a beautiful little squirt:
Throw in an amazing river that "runs through it":
Add some interesting root formations:
Stir up some beautiful fall trees that seem to be bending in to get a better look at the water:
And find a really big, cool looking, made by a Boy Scout, bench to rest on:
And you then have the recipe for a fabulous morning!
So what did we do the rest of the time?
There was basketball to play.
Forts that needed to be built.
Coloring...lots of coloring. Sophie made this picture for Katie because Katie loves owls.
Leaves to be raked...wait guys, maybe we should actually rake them from the ground, not the tree?
Much better!
At the end of the day bath time was a must!
After everyone was in bed after stories read, teeth brushed, lunches packed for school and clothes picked out for the next day , I could say: Wow, it's quiet down here!
Last but not least I needed a final shot of Sophies curls...they just kill me!
Then I got the "look"...I think it says: "Seriously YaYa? More pictures?"

On a final note...My Sister had surgery on Friday and the outcome was: NO CANCER! YEAH!  Prayers really do get answered and many thanks to all of you who said them for her.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Sweet Tea said...

Gurl, you get an A+ for stepping up and into this busy family and "rockin' it"! Sometimes I forget just how labor intense it is to keep a family going. Beautiful Grandlovies!

acorn hollow said...

I am so happy to hear of your sisters results.
Looks like fun was had with the kids. I think we forget how much work it is to have young ones.

Cheltz said...

Oh, Gosh! Selling a house and keeping it spotless with kids is rough! I'm sure they were glad to have your help! Glad things are going well with your sister, as well!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my your babies are so adorable. Those curls are just gorgeous and so is she. Takes after her beautiful grandma.
I know your keeping the kiddo's for them was a huge help and I am so glad they found a home and end some of their stress.
Yes prayers were answered for your sister. Praise God.
You take care honey and have a wonderful week.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am so happy for your sister. I am hoping to God some sort of miracle happens for us.

Have I told you lately that I love you?? :) Thank you for that precious comment you left today.
*sniff* Just so sweet.

Those children are simply...gorgeous! And the leaves...I had to go out and buy mine!!! GRrrrr

Sue said...

First of all, so glad your sister is okay!

Secondly, your grandkids are so cute!!

And third, they are moving to a beautiful area!!!


becky said...

I want to be one of YOUR grandkids!

Nonnie said...

So glad you got good news about your sister.

Looks like you did it! Great job! Enjoyed all the picks. It's so pretty there. That blonde hair and beautiful eyes! Oh my. You're one terrific Grandma with some beautiful grands.

Julia said...

What a super job you did with filling in for mom and I can tell that the kids were happy to have you there. Good for you for taking all those pictures.

What a beautiful house and neighbourhood they are leaving behind. I hope that the family will love their new place as much.

What an incredible blessing that your sister doesn't have cancer. Everyone must be so relieved.


Munir said...

What adorable kids.
Sophie is a good artist. Lucky Katie!
Good to hear about your sister.

karen said...

A successful visit! Your grands are adorable - love the curls on the little one. Again, such beautiful country. I'll add Michigan to the places I'd like to see in the fall. So happy your sister got her good news - what a blessing! AND a relief!


Happy to have you home again kiddo.
Beautiful kids. Lovely home. Sweet visit with the kids and I know your visit was a big boost for mom and dad.
My new book is Ezra and Other Stories.
Go look at the lovely cover. Thanks!

Darlene said...

It sounds like you have been very busy while we were gone on the final leg of our "6 weeks trip". I'm still so sorry we missed out on the middle part. I wanted so badly to be with you in person. Hope we get to see you when you go see the gang in Oregon.

The birthday party for Addy sounded like a great one!! You have so many great looking grandchildren and Addy and Lexi are really darling little girls.

I am so glad that Craig and Amy sold their home as I'm sure that Amy was ready to have their family all together again. It would not be easy to have to take care of selling the house, to say nothing of having three children to care for while trying to have the place ready for showing at any time. I've had to do that when I was married to my first husband and our children were so young. My two older ones were a great help to me as there was a six year gap before I had my last three. When the real estate broker would call to say they were on the way, I would yell "Five minutes!" as the office was not that far from our place. Those girls would pitch in and with their help we would have the place looking pretty good in just that time. Of course lots of stuff got dumped in closets and drawers. Oh, I can tell you, I was mightly glad when that place was sold. Fortunately we had lots of room so it was pretty easy to find places to stash stuff.

I hope Craig and Amy were able to find a nice home in Oregon. They surely didn't have a lot of time to do it in. I hope they will be able to move in right away. It would be awful to have to rent a place until they got possesion and then have to move again. I just hate moving!! I'm so glad I will never have to do it again.

Katie, Taylor and Sophie are adorable too. I am like you, I just can't get over Sophies beautiful curls. I hope her hair stays that way forever. It is absolutely enchanting.

I notice that on one of your blogs, I had to scroll down quite a way to get to the place you have to click on comment. I just did my blog yesterday and only two people had commented. I think it was so far down, most people would have given up. Of course Sue is still on vacation or I could have had her go into my blog and fix it. Neither Dick nor I knew how to do it. If you decide to comment, don't think you will ever get to the comment part, just keep scrolling down and eventually you will reach it. I just can't understand why the spacing goes so crazy whenever I post my blog. It looks perfect before I do it, but something must be wrong with our computer to make it do that.

I suppose everything will get back to normal now for both of us. It's hard to be gone, even for just a few days. It was nice that you could get off to help Craig amd Amy with the kids. I'm sure you loved being with them and I'm sure they loved having you!!

Darlene said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how thrilled I was at the outcome of your sister's operation. "NO CANCER" is good news indeed!!

Stacy Crawford said...

How fun. That was a beautiful nature trail. I am glad things are working out for them.

Donna said...

The area Craig and Amy are leaving is so pretty that I can't imagine a better one...but I bet they will find just the perfect spot!
The kids look like they are very entertaining...leaves and all. That Sophie is just too darling...her curls are even better than Coopers and you know how I love his!!!!
So glad your sister is OK... good news!! (Glad you are back...just sayin')

Kim Jarrell Johnson said...

Those shots of the area around your daughter's house were amazing. I live in So Cal so seeing that much water, just within walking distance, is so foreign to me. Beautiful! Even more beautiful with the cute little grandaughter, of course!

Kim Jarrell Johnson said...

Those shots of the area around your daughter's house were amazing. I live in So Cal so seeing that much water, just within walking distance, is so foreign to me. Beautiful! Even more beautiful with the cute little grandaughter, of course!

Kim Jarrell Johnson said...

Those shots of the area around your daughter's house were amazing. I live in So Cal so seeing that much water, just within walking distance, is so foreign to me. Beautiful! Even more beautiful with the cute little grandaughter, of course!