Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Lied..Forgive Me

I promised no more Halloween posts but yesterday our Hospital had it's annual costume judging.  They always have a little gathering in the afternoon of Halloween and invite any employees that want to enter to dress up and get judged. They serve cute that always draws a crowd! I just had to show what a few of the operating room gals put together. Some even won prizes! Like this little hippie gal:

This is Becky....peace!  She works at the scheduling desk in surgery.  I will also mention this amazing girl has lost about 115lbs. since January.  She has reason to celebrate a fun Halloween!
Here is Becky's coworker...Judy (on the left) and I know I don't have to mention this, but that's her twin sister on the right, as the Burger King.  But you could probably tell they're twins..right?
This is our crazy supply gal who is also named Becky.  Becky is a popular name in our department.  Anyway, she's Tinkerbelly...isn't she lovely? I believe she won first prize....but the other Becky won something too so I could be wrong.
Here TinkerBelly is being accosted by 2 surgery employees who just felt the need to straighten out her boobs.  Working in surgery makes you a bit anal..have I ever mentioned that?
We all crammed into the elevator to head to the cafeteria for judging.  Ever been crammed in an elevator with the Burger King, Tinkerbelly, and a hippie? Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn't it?
I think Donna looks a bit uneasy next to these crazy characters! After all the judging was over we headed back upstairs full of cookies and lots of laughs.  It's a fun tradition and way to blow off steam.  I wonder if you can tell who these ladies are in their costumes....Give up?

Ok, I'll tell you.....drummmmmmm rooooollllll.....FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY......Now I more Halloween posts until next year!


Sweet Tea said...

LOL!! They were ALL great, but gotta say that Tinkerbelly was my fav, though "Fifty Shades of Gray" is a hoot too!!

acorn hollow said...

So cute and sounds like fun.

Julia said...

I can believe that you had lots of fun dressing up. That Fifty Shades of Gray is a hoot for sure. Great costumes but where is your costume or did I missed it?
Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween moment at work.

Christina said...

hahaha! How creative everyone is! I need to be more creative next year.

Cheltz said...

Those were some creative costumes! I love when people get into Halloween; I think it's so fun :).

Kim said...

Fifty Shades.....LOL You sure work with a great bunch of people. Wonderful to see all that spirit in the workplace. (2 of our employees dressed up for Halloween:( ) and I wasn't one of them

selvageedge said...

Great costumes. Where was yours?

Stacy Crawford said...

Everyone looks great!

I like the shades of gray idea! Funny.

Sue said...



so funny!

I'm impressed by our friend who's lost all that weight. Wish I would get it together and do the same...


Darlene said...

Oh my gosh, I did enjoy reading this even though I am very late getting to it. I haven't even touched the computer for days. I loved the costumes and some are so original, especially Becky's. I'm not surprised that she won. Sorry I'm so late in commenting.