Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stick It

I guess this would qualify as our first "Stick it" to the ground snowfall of this season.  It came in the middle of the night to rob us of our fall. But it's pretty.
Pretty on the porch rail
Pretty on the rhodedendron bush.
The Holly is just happy that it fits into this festive season!
As long as I have your attention, I thought I might add a little "stick it" comment about delivery times.  Today I'm home waiting for a new stove to be delivered.  I know I should be grateful that we can have a new appliance...and I am.  But seriously, can't there be delivery times that meet the customers time frame? I work during the day..so does hubby.  I work at the hospital and we have to make sure we're available 24/7..and even hubby makes evening hours available for his patients to come after work. But I've had to completely change my schedule (thanks to my work place for being flexible for me) and sit home in the hopes that I'll get an early call saying they will be here in a half hour.  I was hoping to be a first delivery of the day..silly me.  There are only 2 days in the week they deliver...sheeese...Ok, we also are putting in a new microwave but decided the next day to change the order to a different one....BAD IDEA!  Too late to do that. We now have to refuse the microwave when it gets here and then they will deliver the other one on Thursday..another day I would have to take off of work...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Well, we decided that we would just have them deliver that to the store and we'd pick it up ourselves....we still have to refuse today's delivery....Oh, never mind. Thanks for listening to my whiney complaint.  I'm sitting very near the phone so as not to miss them. Why oh why do I have the sinking feeling that they will call at 11:30 to tell me I'm the 12 noon delivery time. (I was given...no choice here...that 4hr window..8-12). Sorry, I'm complaining again.  WAIT!!!! HOLD THE PRESSES!! They just called and will be here in 30min!  I'm "sticking" my whiney complaints in the trash! Hope your day is great! 


rosaria williams said...

Oh, I remember these days! Deliveries are better than they used to be, giving you a window of time, but it's still a terrible inconvenience.
I can see the next set of meals being prepared on this stove, the family all around, enjoying the food and company at Grandma's house.
Happy cooking!

Donna said...

It will all be so pretty when you are done that it will be worth it!!

Munir said...

Good thing that you are venting. Vent all you want, it is better than building up inside.
I am sure the wait will be worth it, but I hear you. I don't know how many days I had to be late at work because of the cable guy.
I love the cute red Holly.
We had the sticking kind of snow a week before Thanksgiving.

Nonnie said...

I hear that whine and I second it!! It is always my hope to be first in line for the deliveries or repairs, but it seems to take hours. It will be nice to have a new stove. Love the greenery and the holly berry with the snow. :-)

karen said...

Kitchen redos are like having a baby - lots of pain but you get a lovely present in the end. Glad it all worked out - and your snowfall is beautiful!

Cheltz said...

So true about deliveries! Also utility companies are a bit ridiculous...

Stacy Crawford said...

We just got furniture delivered. Thank goodness for teenagers. They came at 2:30, Kota left school early for us.

I hope your oven is just what you wanted. Funny thing about the microwave.

Our furniture was damaged when we unpacked it from the box. So we got a free delivery since we picked it up once ourselves. Then they delivered the wrong furniture. They ended up scheduling a third date to deliver the right stuff. After making the schedule of the third date the van showed back up the same night because the wrong stuff they left at our house was three weeks late to the house it should have been at.

It all worked out. Whew!

Scriptor Senex said...

We too are having our kitchen changed - new stove goes in tomorrow. That's two coincidences this week! And "Oooo Yes Please" to a postcard. I'm being cheeky and e-mailing my address, Yaya.

Hilary said...

Your warm looking thanksgiving sure cooled off in a hurry. You'd think that ind these days of texting and cell phone use that they could just halt a delivery. That's just silly. I'm glad it worked out as best as possible though.

Julia said...

How the heck did I miss this post Yaya? Sorry about that..

I don't blame you for whining.
I guess that since you got a new car you may as well have a new stove to bake and cook all those great meals and a microwave too.

Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
Hugs, JB

Sue said...

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around for those deliveries. It is crazy how messed up everything seems to get.

And they have no consideration for the customer's time at all.


Cindy said...

Ha! I could feel your frustration -- that and the cable guy or repairman...totally at their mercy! Funny that they called while you were blogging!