Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer really is here!

I forgot to put this pic on my summer contest's a sure sign when Jack gets the big tent out that Boy Scout camp week is almost here. Well, it's really here because he left this morning at 6am. He got the ol' tent waterproofed ( he just might need it!) and all his supplies ready and packed. After going to camp for 17yrs, I think he has it down pat. It's going to be a cool (temp.) week for the guys and I know that will make Jack very fact he always threatens to stay longer when it's cool! They always go 4th of July week but at least they will be back on Sat. for the 4th and all the festivities. What festivities? He'll nap and I'll probably cook some burgers on the grill! Anyway, it will be good to have him home. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm going down to camp on Wed. to help with the 11yr. old scouts from our Stake. That should be fun. I'll take pics and relay all the fun! Lets see....mosquito spray, rain poncho, mosquito spray, mosquito spray...ya I'm ready.


Phil and Amanda said...

Have fun at the camp today!

Donna said...

That tent looks like something fun that you should leave up in the back yard for the they'd love it!!